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Question Asking Who, What, Where, When, Why, Which Created by: Emily R. Wargel 2001.

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3 Question Asking Who, What, Where, When, Why, Which Created by: Emily R. Wargel 2001

4 Questions What kinds of WH- questions can you ask? WhatWhereWho When Why Which

5 Who Questions Who is helping the boy? The dentist is helping the boy. Who is talking on the telephone? The man is talking on the telephone. Who is riding on the horse? Who pulled a rabbit out of the hat? The jockey is riding on the horse. The magician pulled a rabbit out of the hat.

6 Who Questions The boy is scared. Whoisscared? The girl is swinging. Whoisswinging? The girl is carrying a dog. Whoiscarryingadog? The boy is listening to music. Whoislisteningtomusic?

7 What Questions What is she painting? She is painting a picture. What is she painting on? She is painting on a canvas. What is she painting with? She is painting with a paintbrush.

8 What Questions The boy is eating watermelon. What The man is driving the tractor. What The rooster is blowing the horn. What is the rooster blowing? The man is throwing a football. What is the man throwing? is the boy eating? is the man driving?

9 Where Questions Where is the tree? Where is the fence? Where are the flowers? Where are the windows? The tree is next to the house. The windows are on the house. The flowers are in the baskets. The fence is in front of the house.

10 Where Questions The children are at the zoo. Where are Where is The butterfly is on the flower. Where is the rabbit? The rabbit is in the hat. Where is the boy? The boy is in the wheelchair. the children? the butterfly?

11 Who, What, Where Questions Who is bouncing the ball? What kind of ball is she bouncing? Where do you play basketball? What does she have on her feet?

12 Who, What, Where Questions Who is wearing a hat? Where do you think this man works? What is he cutting? Where do you buy meat? The man is wearing a hat. The man is cutting meat. You buy meat at the grocery store. The man works at the grocery store.

13 Practice Question Asking Who ______________? What ______________? Where _____________?

14 Practice Question Asking Who ________________? Where _____________? Who ________________? What ____________? Where _____________?

15 Practice Question Asking Ask 4 questions about the picture. 1. 2. 3. 4.

16 Activity for Question Asking Using a set of cards with pictures on them. Tell a friend how to draw the picture. Have them ask the questions, i.e.: Where does the house go? Where does the tree go? What color is the car? Play Trivia Pursuit, Jeopardy, Who wants to be a Millionaire with a friend. See attached sheet for additional activities for each of the content areas.

17 Assessment Proceed only if the student has 100% accuracy with who, what, where questions.

18 Name: ________________Date ______________________ Activity: _____________________ Tutorial: _____ Questions: Notes: _______ % ________________________________________________________ Date: _______________ Tutorial: _______ Questions: Notes: _______%

19 This tutorial was created for the sole purpose to help supplement what is being taught in the classroom. This in no way, shape, or form is to take the place of teaching WH- questions asking/answering skills. Copies may be used for educational purposes only. The score sheet is just one way in which to gather information on what the child understands. Thanks to Great Ideas for the use of some of the ideas. Emily R. Wargel


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