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Biotechnology Development: Opportunities and Challenges

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1 Biotechnology Development: Opportunities and Challenges
Dr Prakash Ghimire, Ph D Associate Professor Microbiology Tribhuvan University Microbiologist, WHO-IPD/NPHL/EDCD-MoH

2 Ecological Zones and Development Regions of Nepal
Far-Western Region Mid-Western Region Western Region Central Region Eastern Region Mountains (16 districts) Hills (39 districts) Terai (20 districts)

3 Biotechnology: Animal Pharmaceutical Plant Hybrids Diagnostic
Therapeutic Vaccines Plant Agriculture - NARC Food

4 Biotechnology: Post Human genome situation Cell biology Immunology
Proteomics & Genomics – two closely related area Cell biology Immunology Antibodies Polyclonal Monoclonal Molecular biology Genomics Proteomics


Conservation of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants [Click Here]- Molecular Diagnostic of Citrus greening Disease – Molecular Characterization of Medicinal plants  -Tea clones  -Bacillus thuringinsis – Flora of Nepal Project Research on Organic Farming -Antagonistic Study of Ectomycorrhiza -Study of the role of Endomycorrhiza Natural Products Research -Bioprospecting of Cordyceps sinensis-Biopesticides study program -Analytical services

7 Nepal Health Research Council
Supports health Research Mostly in health system research Negligible investment in Biotechnology

8 Medical Biotechnology In Nepal
Immunology: Vaccine Production Rabies Vaccine Production (Central Veterinary Research Laboratory), Tripureswor Antibody Production Everest Biotech Founded by biochemists at Oxford University, based in Oxfordshire, UK with a production laboratory established in Kathmandu. CDM TU- Non commercial/Academic Use Antibody Production, Purification…….. National Public Health Laboratory Health Services Flow cytometric assay ( FACS)

9 Medical Biotechnology
Molecular Biology DNA Sequencing – Proposed at National Forensic Laboratory, Khumaltar PCR RONAST- Plant molecular biology CDMTU – Tropical diseases- Malaria, Leishmania etc. National Public Health Laboratory, Teku- SARS, Malaria, etc. VBDRTC, Hetauda- Malaria, Leishmania Mycobacterial research Laboratory, Lele- Tuberculosis, Leprosy Universal College/ RLAAB- Plant mol. Bio. Veterinary Research Laboratory, Tripureswor- Si-Gan Health Foundation, Maharajgunj Real Time PCR ( Proposed) National Public Health Laboratory, Teku Avian Influenza diagnostic service Cell Biology

10 Real-Time PCR

11 Challenges: Machines without consumables Academic & HMG Institutes
Training of Human Resources Latest updates Research Culture Carrer prospects Research Funding & Collaboration NHRC ? Big researches- Survey type, No Laboratory capacity development in Nepal Availability of Consumables in local market Mostly not available, If available, costs 3-5 times of original cost Entrepreneurship Market

12 Hope for Future New University programs as per market requirements
Medical technology Program Medical Microbiology Program Pharmaceutical Sciences Program Biotechnology Program Allied health Programs ( Radiology, Dentistry, Physiotherapy, Bio-medical Engineering, …….) Availability of funding in post WTO scenario Introduction of newer Pharmaceutical companies Availability of trained /cost effective HRs Worldwide market in post WTO situation Coming up of new diagnostic companies Positive Government Policy ?

13 A small truth to make our life 100% successful……
Formula for Success A small truth to make our life 100% successful…… A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

14 47% 54% 70% 96% 98% LUCK 12+21+3+11 EFFORT 5+6+6+15+18+20 LOVE
54% EFFORT 70% KNOWLEDGE 96% HARDWORK 98% None of them makes 100%

15 Then what makes 100% Is it money? …No!!! Our Life 100% Successful
Is it leadership? …No!!! Every problems has a solution, so perhaps Change our “ATTITUDE” It is ATTITUDE towards life and work that makes Our Life 100% Successful

16 ATTITUDE 100% Don’t you think so ?!?!?!?!

17 Thank You

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