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Certificate Types and Their Usages. Educational Professional Standards Board Established as part of the 1990 Kentucky Education Reform Act to oversee.

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1 Certificate Types and Their Usages

2 Educational Professional Standards Board Established as part of the 1990 Kentucky Education Reform Act to oversee the education profession. The standards and accreditation agency for Kentucky teachers and administrators and for programs of education at Kentucky colleges and universities. 2

3 HQ Status and Certification Under NCLB, Highly Qualified involves the Three-legged stool 1.Full state certification 2.Mastery of subject matter 3.Baccalaureate level degree 4.NOTE: HOUSSE Index has not been phased out by EPSB. 3

4 FULL Certificate Types Professional (formerly Provisional or Standard) Completion of complete teacher education program & KTIP, either by regular or alternative route Issued for 5-year terms Must have MA degree within 10 years; then renewable by 3yr experience Limited Teacher from out of country working on MOA with KDE 3 year limit 4

5 Provisional Internship Statement of eligibility cannot be used as a certificate so confirmation of employment is required This is then issued for one-year term to allow completion of KTIP (apply early to insure KTIP participation) FULL Certificate Types 5

6 Probationary (must pass Praxis to be HQ) Issued to allow teacher who has completed a teacher education program to complete coursework and testing to add a new area Issued for one year; renewable twice more with 6 new hours (usually need more to complete program in three years) Varying prerequisites are necessary in these cases (see appropriate application form) FULL Certificate Types 6

7 Probationary Forms (Must hold another KY certificate or SOE...except IECE) IECE (birth to primary) TC-BP Exceptional children TC-19 Middle school TC-MG Gifted Education TC-GP Technology Education TC-3 (via KDE) Information Technology TC-3 (via KDE) Library Media TC-29 Director of Pupil PersonnelTC-40 Director of Special EducationTC-28 7

8 FULL Certificate Types Temporary Provisional (need Praxis or major to be HQ-except in special education) Issued to those in a university Option 6, 7 or Option 8 (Teach For America) alternative certification program and offer of employment Form TC-TP Initial issuance; two renewals (3 total) MUST pass all assessments before KTIP 8

9 Candidate Selection for Teaching Positions Governed by KRS 160.345 (2) (h) whereas the superintendent may forward candidates (to the SBDM council) who: –have pending certification based on recent completion of preparation requirements; –out of state preparation, or –alternative routes to certification pursuant to KRS 161.028 & 161.048. (TPs are here) 9

10 Alternative Route Candidates for Teaching Positions May be considered along with those who hold regular certification IF: –they have written verification that they have been admitted to a KY universitys alternative route program, AND –this verification is obtained during the time of the vacancys posting. 10

11 Considering Alternative Route Candidates Make sure your personnel office verifies the eligibility of alt route candidates before interviewing –Upon hiring, they can be issued a Temporary Provisional (TP) certificate for one year when the district applies. (These are also sometimes called Option 6 candidates.) –The TP may be renewed for two more years as long as the teacher remains in the university program and is employed in the teaching area of the certificate. 11

12 HQ Considerations when hiring Alternative Route Candidates Those on a TP certificate are NOT necessarily Highly Qualified for federal reporting purposes –Special education TPs are HQ for special education ONLY, not for any content areas –Other content area TPs are not HQ until they pass the appropriate KY Praxis test(s) or unless they hold an academic major in the content area they are teaching 12

13 General considerations with any teaching candidate Remember that it is possible for teachers to be certified but not highly qualified for a position –Anytime you consider a candidate without full Professional KY certification, work with your district personnel office before making a job offer (this includes new graduates with the statement of eligibility 13

14 NOT FULL State Certification Emergency Must have B.A. degree + other criteria May not be reissued (except under limited circumstances) TC-4F & superintendent must have no other candidates; board order # required TC-4VE used for vocational emergency certs 14

15 NOT FULL State Certification Conditional Teacher has completed teacher ed program Has attempted all assessment but has not passed one or more Assistance plan with local university must be filed along with TC-1 form and recommendation District agrees to costs of plan 15

16 NOT FULL State Certification Adjunct For part-time employment only TC-25 form Must have offer of employment Employment must not displace fully certified teacher Degree in subject to be taught 16

17 NOT FULL State Certification Temporary Used for out-of-state teachers w/less than two years experience needing to pass KY assessments Form TC-35; only valid for six months No KY certified teacher can be available for position when this is requested Also used for principal candidates who have completed all coursework, but lack tests (good for one year) using TC-36I or TC-36O 17

18 Other Forms and Issuances TC-3/vocational certificates (via KDE) TC-8/ROTC Instructor TC-26/Gifted ED Coordinator TC-27/Consultant TC-32/Deletion of Certificate TC-161/SLP Assistant 18

19 Other Information to Remember Reciprocity does not mean an automatic certificate for out-of-staters Rank changes are not granted for a collection of hours; must be programs TC-HQ may be explored to add a new area for a fully certified teacher; may help with math/science categories 19

20 Hiring the Right Person for the Position Use the EPSB website at This can help you find the CONTENT AREA PERMISSIONS for any of your teachers before you schedule them Look up the name, locate the correct person, then click on Permissions tab on the left side of the screen 20

21 EPSB Certification Division Contact Information Cindy Godsey (LEAD) General Inquiries: Education Professional Standards Board Division of Professional Learning & Assessment 100 Airport Road Frankfort, Kentucky 40601 Phone: 502-564-4606Toll Free: 888-598-7667

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