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Organizing Open Chemical Innovation on a European level Dries Lodewijks ECRN 16 -4-2009.

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1 Organizing Open Chemical Innovation on a European level Dries Lodewijks ECRN 16 -4-2009

2 Content 1.CHEMaterials 2.De CHEMaterials business today and tomorrow 3.Open Chemical Innovation Organized on Chemelot Examples 4.Building Open Chemical Innovation in Europe Three building blocks 5.Lessons learned

3 1. CHEMmaterials are everywhere

4 1. Province of Limburg: a CHEMaterials region Chemelot Venlo Eindhoven Heerlen/ Aachen Maastricht HTS Agro-food Chem-materials Life Sciences Renewable Energy Chemmatarials are an enabler for innovation: 1.Chemelot – Eindhoven (performance materials) 2.Chemelot-Venlo (materials, specialty packaging) 3.Chemelot-Heerlen/Aken (materials and renewable energy) 4.Chemelot- Maastricht (bio medical materials)

5 Need for speed Do we need a new business model? 2. CHEMaterials: today

6 Focus on Open Chemical Innovation Key words are value chains and networks 2. CHEMaterials: tomorrow

7 Competence management Market Scouting/Intelligence Idea Business Development Scale up and Transfer to Generation Feasibility Validation Running Business 3. Open innovation: the stage gate process


9 3. Open Chemical Innovation on a regional level High chem start-up SME Hogeschool Zuyd 1) Programme 2) Laboratoria 3) Services Organize interaction between companies Realize proximity Enable high chem startups to focus Bring in kowledge

10 Open innovation = collaboration between people Open innovation = people working together

11 Business genereren en acquireren Share knowledge Service boulevard Networking Business creation Inlooplab Define subjects Iimplement subjects Business awareness Smart regions ChemMaterial clusterChemMaterial companyChemMaterial Community Innovation Events Community building Coaching Chemelot Colloqium Congres Open Chemical Innovation 3. Programme boosting Open Chemical Innovation

12 3. Open Chemical Innovation (Content) High tech systems Renewable Energy Life Sciences Agro-food CHEMaterials Smart packaging Performance materialen Polymeren Functional Coatings

13 Neocork, why Chemelot? Proximity of key raw material suppliers Co-development with key raw material suppliers (product innovation) Potential synergy on innovative laser marking technology (Micabs) Faster start up production due to infrastructure Faster start up of operations due to Chemelots virtual service boulevard: venture capital, financing, tax, subsidy, logistics, insurances, environmental permit, building permit, hiring personnel, promotion

14 Kriya Materials, why Chemelot ? Proximity of (potential) customers Application know how DSM and Sabic (co-development) Environmental permit Image to customers High end service providers –Patent support –Analytical support (Resolve) Flexible housing Outsourcing possibilities of non core activities Lease of equipment on daily base: R&D and pilot line (cyanide) Analytical knowledge Sharing know how

15 Isobionics, Why Chemelot? Initiated by Chemelot and DSM License from DSM access to key technology (Kaisersaugst, Delft, Geleen) Access to market via DSMs global network Contracting of key DSM R&D resources Open innovation model at Chemelot Campus Active regional venture capitalist participation: Limburg Ventures + LIOF

16 4.Building an Open Chemical Innovation structure in Europe Three building blocks Organize Open Innovation on a local scale Share best practices & organize network in ECRN-regions Chemclust Organize Open Innovation by crossborder demoprojects New Materials Network Initiative Chemelot s practice 1 2 3

17 4. Structure New Materials Netwok Initiative

18 5. Lessons learned In your region Chemical-materials business-sector is an enabler for Open Chemical Innovation. Internalize Open Chemical Innovation (all parties) Organize Open Chemical Innovation on a regional level by starting on site (organize interaction events and proximity). OEMs innovation programme should be leading. Select SME and demand driven innovation topics fitting to this programme. In Europe Strengthen an Open Chemical Innovation network in Europe & share best practices. Select cross border and demand driven innovation topics: waste materials, performance materials, renewables. Facilitate crossborder Open Chemical innovation/cooperation projects by focusing tools and subsidizing the projects. Disseminate results

19 Background Info: Chemical industry (now) Continuous pressure on costs Increasing competition (on an global, European,national and regional level) Product & process innovation will become more and more expensive; need for VC SMEs face an innovation gap Society demands an increasing role of the chem industry in the climate debate (cleaner production, providing sollutions) New business model is required Need for speed

20 Background info Chemical industry How should it response ? Position the chem industry as a provider of sustainable sollutions and as a contributer of climate friendly productiontechnologies Intensivy cooperation within the industry (large companies and SMEs) Build value chains between chemical producing and chemical using industry Create networks (regional, national euregional) between goverments, research institutes and chemical industry and facilitate knowledge transfer. Close the innovation gap by organizing demand driven innovation Invest in social innovation and share best practices Focus on Open Chemical Innovation (A) Create a platform: a New Materials Network Initiative (B)

21 Background info: CHEMaterial Innovation Potentials GroepInnovatiegebiedKIMOIT2M Strong in Limburg Bio-compatible coatings++= ++ Flexibele displays++++++ Medische diagnostiek+++ = Biomarkers++++= (O)LED-verlichting++++=+ Lichtgewicht automotive materialen++++- Interesting opportunities PV zonnecellen=++ + Kunstmatige spieren+=++=+ Hoogwaardige automotive coatings++++= Bio-actieve verpakkingen+=+++ Potential interesting Smart fabrics+=++= Intelligente houdbaarheidslabels==+++ Smart blisters==+++ Dunne lagen zonnecellen==++= Zelfsmerende coatings+=++=

22 Research & Business Campus sharing knowledge and global networks Industrial Park Sharing infrastructure and costs One of the largest chematerial communities in Europe (> 800 ha) Industrial Park + Research & Business Campus Number of companies on site > 70; 33 new companies since 2005 Many of them global leaders in their product market combination Concept of open chemical innovation is applied What is Chemelot?

23 3. Building a CHEMaterials Campus 1.Facilitate the CHEMaterial companies on site 2.Connect knowledge with CHEMaterials-companies 3.Build a CHEMaterials cluster

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