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Foods in China Susan Daly. A banquet for an Emperor!

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1 Foods in China Susan Daly

2 A banquet for an Emperor!

3 Special forms mean certain fortunes

4 A famous dumpling restaurant!


6 Beside a stand, a boy practices caligraphy

7 Making noodles by hand in Xian

8 A charcoal fire at the table.

9 Xian Chan Teahouse

10 In Chengdu, a stand selling chicks

11 Meal in Chengdu

12 Rice paddy in Chengdu

13 Chengdu private Pre-school welcome banner

14 The primary school in Chengdu has students from age 3 to 6years. It was a private and very expensive pre- school with incredible facilities. We ate dinner with the principal and a teacher the night before and got to ask them lots of questions. Most teachers at this age level are female.


16 Nap time beds

17 The bathroom

18 3 year old class at snack time

19 Their computer lab & 2 year olds

20 The craft house

21 The vegetable garden where kids grow some of the food they eat for lunch.The rabbit is a pet who prunes weeds.

22 A feng shui water element

23 The kids play ground

24 The swimming pool for students

25 A lovely path for the kids to follow

26 A hill for kids to climb

27 Budweiser even in Chengdu,China

28 Small stands at Dazu


30 Nanjing – McDonads

31 A tea house in Nanjing

32 Nanjings Kentucky Fried

33 A very fancy dinner

34 Its everywhere

35 Shanghai & Pepsi

36 A floating restaurant in Shanghai


38 High Tea at the Peninsula Hotel

39 Fancy desserts


41 Low income Housing in Hong Kong

42 Chinese Pharmacy

43 A farmers market at the housing project

44 A delicious vegetable we had often in China

45 An interesting selection of fruits

46 Small stands like we saw all over China

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