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We arrived just in time for the welcoming banquet on May 6th.

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1 We arrived just in time for the welcoming banquet on May 6th

2 Jeannie Lau Chee Mon ( 劉志文 ) representing Pui Ying Vancouver

3 Boarding the 11 tour buses early next morning to China

4 Beautiful view of Hong Kong Harbor

5 Each tour bus had two tour guides Ivan from Hong Kong Ah Fong from China

6 Like a bunch of school kids going on a field trip, we were all excited to go to China. Just like old times!

7 Yummy milk bananas from a fruit stand in China. You can’t find them in Canada!

8 Police car escorting our 11 tour buses in China

9 We travelled luxuriously, staying in five stars hotels in Hong Kong and China

10 We were fortunate to have such nice weather for the event

11 Students performing a lovely dance

12 Warm welcoming lunch at Toi Shan with old school buddies

13 Every meal was delicious! Is your mouth watering?

14 Good food was provided for us so we didn’t have to eat dog meat, so no business for them

15 Cheers to Pui Ying!

16 Picture taken with our teachers Picture taken with today’s Pui Ying teachers

17 Pui Ying founder’s fourth, fifth and sixth generations

18 The event would have not been so successful without the contribution of Professor Choi

19 Pui Ying band greeting us and helping to celebrate the special occasion

20 Cindy got the honor to represent our ‘Gay’, but…

21 They told me that I could not hog the flag all to myself

22 Faith, Hope and Love!

23 Another Pui Ying band

24 One of the eight Pui Ying schools that we toured throughout China

25 What a marvelous event!

26 130 th Anniversary ceremonies

27 Lively lion dance to welcome guests

28 Pui Ying students lined up to welcome us

29 Future Pui Ying alumni and leaders

30 They must be having a good time

31 Meeting other alumni and making new friends

32 I am proud to be Pui Ying alumni

33 Lunch with a bunch of ‘Gay’ classmates

34 Another great lunch with alumni

35 Happy together!

36 The owner of Golden City restaurant in Vancouver, he even bought me a beer! Will I get a discount next time I come to Vancouver?

37 At the hotel lobby in China, Happy Mother’s Day to three great mothers!

38 Three Pui Ying students. Did the one in the middle forget to wear her uniform?

39 Pui Ying students performing in Hong Kong

40 Everyone dressed up for the final banquet at the HK Convention Centre

41 Amazing view of the harbor from the HK Convention Centre

42 Hong Kong Convention Centre

43 Beautiful flower bouquets and can you see my signature?

44 Spectacular lighting and decorations on the stage

45 With all the ‘Gays’ at the HK Convention Center

46 Anita Tsang, Mrs. And Dr. Leung and Cindy Ho

47 United with old school buddies

48 Five beauties at the HK Convention Centre

49 Not very long ago I was also wearing the Pui Ying uniform

50 I am a fan of movie star Mr. Wu Fung! Can you believe that he is also a Pui Ying alumni?

51 Many thanks to Professor Choi, the person that made this memorable event possible

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