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National Church Residences

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1 National Church Residences
Lighting Retrofit Initiative Steve Bodkin Director, Engineering & Energy Management

2 National Church Residences
Christian Based Company Nation’s largest non-profit providing affordable housing for the vulnerable: low and moderate income seniors, families, persons with disabilities, and formerly homeless

3 National Church Residences
Over 300 properties In 30 states 22,000 residents

4 National Church Residences
Lighting Retrofit Initiative

5 Secure Internal Buy-in
Scope Common area (halls, staircases, office, community rooms, rest rooms, etc.) Tenant units – possible ceiling fluorescent in kitchen Process Property lighting survey Property lighting audit Approval process Installation Payback: < 5 years

6 Complete On-line Property Survey: Zoomerang
Purpose is to target properties Internal hallways and stairwells w/ 24x7 lighting Incandescent and / or T12 fluorescent tubes Hallways Stairwells Office Community room Common area rest rooms

7 Request for Business Nation-wide scope and list price by fixture/bulb
Use of standard lighting audit spreadsheet Lamp specifications Quality of work standards Cleanliness of work Communication and coordination of work Performance requirements Recycling / disposal of lamps

8 Request for Business: List Pricing

9 Fluorescent Tubes & Ballast Retrofit
Compact Fluorescent Lamps Exit

10 Completion of Property Lighting Audits
Detailed count of each type of bulb / fixture Cost based on retrofit and list pricing Savings based on lamp / ballast specification, operating hours, and utility costs Completion of report in standard spreadsheet format Unit list pricing Cost Savings Payback Executive summary

11 Unit Pricing

12 Cost Detail

13 Monthly kW Savings: 21.56; Annual kWh Savings: 72,144
Savings Detail Monthly kW Savings: 21.56; Annual kWh Savings: 72,144

14 Payback

15 Executive Summary

16 Lighting Retrofit Implementation

17 Actual Consumption Projected Savings

18 Estimated Impact of Lighting Retrofit
Financial Environmental Cost: $1.2 million Savings: $320k/Yr Payback: 3.6 Yrs Carbon reduction of 6.2 million lbs / year Same as 130,000 mature trees Emissions from 44 cars

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