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Program Performance and Improvement

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1 Program Performance and Improvement
Using the Dashboard as a Continuous Improvement Tool

2 Project Goal To research and develop an optional set of instructional quality indicators that can be stored in a dashboard for program monitoring and improvement

3 Objectives Objective Progress
Collaborate with MODAC, MCCADAR, MCCDEC, MiTQIP, MLAD and other instructional administrative groups to design and deploy a dashboard system for monitoring programs. Conduct a literature search of program review models and dashboards to determine best practices.

4 Objectives Objective Progress
Conduct a statewide research project that collects input from the 28 community colleges regarding the key outcomes that will be included in the program dashboard. Identify and verify indicators to be used for the program-monitoring dashboard and when possible, (i.e. Perkins Indicators) establish a minimum and maximum acceptable range. Complete by7/15/03

5 Prepare technology & software for use with the program dashboard.
Objective Progress Prepare technology & software for use with the program dashboard. Complete by7/15/03 Ensure that the program monitoring dashboard meets the requirements for Perkins. Complete by7/30/03 Integrate quality improvement as part of the program monitoring process Complete by 6/30/03 Disseminate information to all 28 community colleges. Complete by 8/30/03

6 Follow-through for Next Year
Run through the cycle one time Evaluate the effectiveness Add additional features Provide consultant services Share best practices

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