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Program Review Best Practices

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1 Program Review Best Practices
Ken Trzaska Gogebic Community College

2 Utility of program review – External & Internal
External program review requirement -- Perkin’s Performance Core Indicators – Common variables that we (deans, IR, faculty) consider to provide a quantitative picture of a program’s performance 1P1 - Technical Skill Attainment 2P1 - Credential, Certificate, or Degree 3P1 - Student Retention or Transfer 4P1 - Student Placement 5P1 - Nontraditional Participation 5P2 - Nontraditional Completion

3 What changes are necessary to strengthen this process?
Value: Strengthening the process improves its broader relevance Do state-required data sets align with what we do internally? Why not use data on existing data sets such as gainful employment, IPEDS, CEPI?

4 Institutional (internal) program reviews are typically unique – institutions consider myriad variables that assist in making internal decisions about programs. What are common “benchmarks or indicators of success” that community colleges can use to compare like-program outcomes, improvement plans and instruction techniques? How do we share this information? MODAC, MCCARE, MCCDEC, and others.

5 Top Benchmarks/Indicators
X + Y = SUCCESSFUL PROGRAM? Aligning Expectations and Knowledge Sharing Student Enrollments & Retention rates in a program (first semester, year, third semester, through end of program) Recurring student enrollments (each year, consistency?) Completion within time Gainful employment (one year, two year) and Job Outlook Cost to operate program (annually) Core indicator data

6 Discussion & questions
How does your college define success? What benchmarks/indicators are most critical to your college? How would opportunities to compare common benchmarks/indicators help your college program(s)?

7 The vision ahead – Connecting the Dots…
What would you like to see happen next? Agree on common benchmarks/indicators for success Have on-going opportunities to evaluate programs at MODAC and MCCDEC Establish a central location for best-practice program review templates and processes (available through MODAC and MCCDEC) Establish the “Common Core Benchmarks/Indicators” When a program is discussed, the discussion is documented and shared

8 Thank you


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