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Kingdom Protista Kingdom Fungi

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1 Kingdom Protista Kingdom Fungi

2 Kingdom Protista Mostly unicellular Eukaryotic
Autotrophic and Heterotrophic Both aquatic and terrestrial May reproduce sexually (conjugation) or asexually (binary fission)

3 1)Animal-like protists (protozoans)
Phylum Example Type of movement Sarcodina ameba pseudopods "false feet" Ciliophora paramecium cilia Zooflagellates Trypanosoma flagella Sporozoa Plasmodium nonmotile

4 Animal-like protists (protozoans)
Ameba Paramecium Trypanosoma Plasmodium

5 2) Plant-like Protists These protists photosynthesize. Examples
Euglena Golden algae (diatoms) Dinoflagellates (cause red tides) Green algae (ex-spirogyra) Brown algae (seaweeds) Red algae (seaweeds)

6 Plant-like protists

7 3) Fungi-like protists Example: Slime molds

8 Kingdom Fungi Includes yeast, mold, mushrooms, rusts, and smuts
Eukaryotic and heterotrophic! Saprobes=decomposers Mostly multicellular (unicellular-yeast) Some parasites (pathogens)-athlete’s foot, ring worm, yeast infections

9 Examples of Fungi Mushroom Yeast Rust Smut

10 Beneficial Fungi Penicillium-mold producing penicillin
Yeast used in making bread Truffles-edible Blue cheese-contains mold Lichens-2 organisms (fungus and algae) These are the 1st organisms to colonize bare rock and make new soil

11 Examples of beneficial fungi

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