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It’s Mitosis Time, C’mon!

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1 It’s Mitosis Time, C’mon!
Sing along by Annette M. Parrott

2 It’s Mitosis Time! C’mon!

3 The Cell Cycle’s goin’ on
right now In all your cells and you’re gonna find out how...

4 After Interphase, when the cell has grown again synthesis is done and mitosis begins

5 It’s Mitosis! Reproduction and it’s time to divide

6 It’s Mitosis! only in (2n) diploid cells 2 clones side by side

7 Prophase: nucleus disappears centrioles migrate chromosomes appear

8 Metaphase: Anaphase: Telophase:

9 they’re two! = Yahoo!

10 It’s mitosis time! C’mon!

11 Now we’ll see how much you’ve learned
so raise your hand and wait your turn...

12 Prophase? Metaphase? Anaphase? Telophase? 1 3 4
2 4 5 6

13 Prophase? Metaphase? Anaphase? Telophase?

14 Prophase? Metaphase? Anaphase? Telophase?


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