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What is Mitosis?.

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1 What is Mitosis?

2 Mitosis is Cell Division
A regular cell copies its chromosomes, then the cell divides and the new cell receives a nucleus with one full set of identical chromosomes.

3 Cell Theory 1. All living things are made of cells.
2. Cells are the basic units of structure and function in living thing 3. All cells come from ____________.

4 EXISTING CELLS 3. All cells come from existing cells.

5 What is Mitosis? “It is cell division”

6 Mitosis takes place in the nucleus of the cell.
Interphase is between cell division. The cell is not in Mitosis. Most of the cell’s time is in Interphase. Chromosomes become short and think and each one develops a “twin”.

7 Interphase The nucleus can be seen clearly.
Chromosomes are copied near the end of interphase. Interphase

8 The Phases of Mitosis are…
Prophase Metaphase Anaphase and Telophase People Must Always Try

9 Prophase Chromosomes become visible. The membrane around the nucleus begins to disappear. Prophase

10 Metaphase Chromosome pairs line up along the middle of the cell.

11 Anaphase Chromosome pairs split apart and begin to move to opposite sides of the cell. The cell begins to stretch. Anaphase

12 Telophase A nuclear membrane forms around each set of chromosomes. The cytoplasm divides. Two new cells are formed. Each new cell then enters Interphase. Telophase

13 Interphase The two identical new cells start Mitosis or Cell Division over. Interphase Interphase

14 Mitosis in onion root tip.

15 Another example

16 Cells are at different phases.

17 Your Quiz Move to the area of the room labeled with the phase of your choice.

18 Which phase is this?

19 Answer: Metaphase

20 Which phase is this?

21 Answer: Telophase

22 Which phase is this?

23 Answer: Prophase

24 Which phase is this?

25 Answer: Anaphase

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