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Judicial Branch Test Review. Supreme Court What is the highest court in the Country?

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1 Judicial Branch Test Review

2 Supreme Court What is the highest court in the Country?

3 majority The Supreme Court needs a _________ vote to decide a case.

4 Supreme Court Which of the federal courts has both original and appellate jurisdiction?

5 Race, Gender, Party Affiliation, Judicial Experience What characteristics might a President consider when nominating Supreme Court Justices?

6 Interpret the law What is the main role of the judicial branch?

7 Concurring A justice who agrees with the majority opinion but has different reasons for supporting it may write a ________ opinion.

8 9 How many justices are there in the Supreme Court?

9 Appellate Courts Courts that hear reviews or appeals of decisions from the lower courts

10 Exclusive There are certain cases that can ONLY be heard in federal courts. In this case the federal courts would be thought to have ___________ jurisdiction

11 Judicial Restraint Philosophy that the courts should operate strictly within the limits of the Constitution and only answer questions if a clear violation of the Constitution is present.

12 Cases involving federal laws and cases beyond the authority of the individual states. What types of cases do federal courts hear?

13 Dual The United States has a _______ system of courts.

14 District Courts What are the lowest courts in the federal court system known as?

15 plaintiff An individual who brings a complaint against another

16 4 out of 9 (Rule of 4) How many supreme Court Justices must vote in favor of a case being heard?

17 dissenting A justice who does not agree with the majority’s decision may write a ________ opinion.

18 Mapp v. Ohio Supreme Court ruled that the protection against unreasonable search and seizure applied to the state and local governments, as well as the national government, thus nationalizing the exclusionary rule to prevent illegally seized evidence from being introduced into the courtroom.

19 appeals A court that is only concerned about the fairness of a trial and the interpretation of the law in a trial is a(n) ____________ court

20 verdict Decision at the end of a case.

21 The right to ask a higher court to review a decision. What is the right to an appeal?

22 jury People who decide the outcome of a trial

23 They are appointed by the President and confirmed by the Senate How are federal judges chosen?

24 The Judiciary Act Which U.S. law established the system of lower courts?

25 Judicial review The power of the Supreme Court to overturn any law that it finds is unconstitutional.

26 Judicial Review The decision in Marbury v. Madison established the concept of…….?

27 Life Term of office for a member of the Supreme Court

28 criminal A case in which the government or state charges an individual with violating one or more laws is known as a ________ case.

29 precedent An interpretation of a law that is used in later trials.

30 Article III Which Article of the Constitution is associated with the judicial branch?

31 District Courts, U.S. Courts of Appeals, Supreme Court What is the correct order of U.S. court supremacy from least powerful to most powerful?

32 Equal to The decision in Marbury v. Madison ensured that the judicial branch was ________ the other branches of government.

33 panel When there is more than one judge, a group of judges is called a _____________.

34 defendant Party who answers a complaint and defends against it in a court.

35 State criminal court A young man is accused of robbing a convenient store. The case will first be tried in….

36 Population of the state How is the amount of district courts determined for each state?

37 Due Process Clause No one can be deprived of life, liberty, or property without proper legal procedures that must be followed; clause found in the 5 th and 14 th amendments.

38 Judicial Activism The philosophy that the courts should play a more active role in creating national policies and answering questions of conflict in society

39 States were not restrained from violating citizen’s rights because the Bill of Rights only applied to the federal government Why was selective incorporation of the Bill of Rights needed to protect citizens from state governments?

40 Original Jurisdiction What type of jurisdiction do federal district courts have?

41 Marbury v. Madison First time the Supreme Court struck down an act of congress for being unconstitutional

42 There are none What are the formal qualifications of federal judges?

43 Chief Justice What is the head of the Supreme Court known as?

44 false-there is no jury only the 9 supreme court justices T or F? The Supreme Court is a trial court.

45 Brown v. Board of Education Case established precedent that “separate but equal” doctrine of Plessy v. Ferguson was not equal. Led to desegregation of all public schools and later public spaces and Civil Rights Movement.

46 precedent A guideline, set by a case, that influences how similar cases will be decided

47 Tinker v. Desmoines Which court case related to the rights of students in school, specifically rights guaranteed by the first amendment?

48 Miranda v. Arizona In this case, the Supreme Court ruled that suspects must be told of their constitutional rights to remain silent, that what they say can and will be used against them, and of their right to an attorney present during any questioning (5 th amendment).

49 Plessy v. Ferguson The ruling in this case established that “separate but equal” facilities were legal. Allowed Jim Crow Laws to flourish for decades.

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