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Embedding Library E-Resources… A Toolkit for Beginners OLA Super Conference, Feb. 1 st, 2008 Janice Mutz, Lakehead University.

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1 Embedding Library E-Resources… A Toolkit for Beginners OLA Super Conference, Feb. 1 st, 2008 Janice Mutz, Lakehead University

2 Introduction and background Definition/content of CMS Implications for libraries How can libraries use CMS Macro vs. micro My experience Readings and other stuff…

3 Definition: CMS a suite of software tools, usually organized around a class or unit of instruction Morris, 16

4 Features of CMS Course Outline Calendar Discussion threads Email Grades Wiki Blogs Chat icon Customized content

5 A rose by any other name: Electronic courseware Course Management Systems (CMS) Collaborative Learning Environments Virtual Learning Environments

6 The growth of course management software and the players: Blackboard/WebCT (Blackboard purchased WebCT in 2006) Angel Moodle (open source, free!) Sakai (free) Desire2Learn

7 Implications for Libraries CMS are being used for on-campus students as a component in courses. Libraries risk being marginalized if we dont have a presence. How do students learn in virtual environments? Online tutorials become even more important for these students.

8 How can we use CMS? Promote the Library and its services, and especially e-resources Interact directly with the students either in a teaching or advisory mode Use the cms for assessment and feedback

9 Macro and Micro Links to OPACs and Journal Indexes Contact Info (email/phone/chat) Links to subject guides Embedding a subject librarian in the course for online chats and consultations Specific guides for specific course assignments Information literacy modules and/or quizzes

10 …a long, long time ago…the 90s! Print based course packages Snail Mail A library collection was sent out Librarians were much more in control… Used exclusively for DE courses

11 DE …now CEDL Distance Education department was renamed Continuing Education and Distributed Learning to reflect a broader scope.

12 Growth of WebCT at Lakehead: All nursing courses have a WebCT component. All courses at the new Orillia campus have a WebCT component. CEDL holds frequent workshops to encourage faculty to Create a WebCT Site for your Course

13 The present environment Online courseware has eliminated or greatly reduced print-based courses CMS module can be part of a f2f course on campus Access to library e-resources 24/7 diminishes our role? Self-contained universe of the WebCT course

14 Have you ever taken a course…? Become familiar with your institutions course management system through a guest account or… … take a course! Even a 6 week Education Institute course will allow for insight into the vagaries of this type of learning…

15 How do we ensure the Library is included? Outreach to specific instructors Collaborate with the courseware dept. Target heavy library users Have an example attached to your email Make it easy with an online form Tailor it to the course

16 Outreach tips: Email target groups Scan course offerings and choose ones which are a bit out of the ordinary and specific e-resources are necessary

17 Collaborate with courseware developers/tech support Ask to be included in presentations Take a workshop from them on course design or quiz design Ask for a list of instructors each term; at Lakehead, a lot of the WebCT courses are taught by contract lecturers…

18 Have an example… When you send an email pitching the idea, send an attachment of what your link will look like

19 Make it easy… …to incorporate in the course. Provide a link to an online form where there is a choice of common content, eg. journal indexes, list of specific e-journals, etc.

20 Tailor it to the course If faculty just want certain resources, work with them, dont be inflexible when it comes to your template. Its better to gain a foothold than nothing at all…

21 Social Software? Embedding chat icons, Meebo, askON? Using SurveyMonkey to find out what users think? RSS feeds to new books, new online tutorials, etc. Use it where it will work, not just because you can!

22 The Toolkit: Email to faculty Online Form Checklist of items to include Social software: think before attaching!

23 References/Readings/Neat links "The 2007 Campus Computing Survey | The Campus Computing Project." 1/28/2008. summary/2007-campus-computing-survey ACRL - E-Learning Spaces: Librarians in Course Management Systems." 1/25/2008. mwb.cfm "ALA | 2201 Shank." 1/25/2008.

24 And more… Bruning, Roger, Ed., Christy A. Horn Ed., and Lisa M. PytlikZillig Ed. Web-Based Learning: What do we Know? Where do we Go? Nebraska Symposium on Information Technology in Education (1st, Lincoln, Nebraska, may 15-17, 2002). Information Age Publishing, 80 Mason St., P.O. Box 4967, Greenwich, CT 06831 (paperback: ISBN-1-59311-002-2, $31.95; hardcover: ISBN-1-59311-003-0, $62.25). Tel: 203-661-7602; Fax: 203-661-7952; Web site:; e-mail: infoa(TRUNCATED), 2003.; Cox, Christopher. "Becoming Part of the Course." College & Research Libraries News 63.1 (2002): 11. George, Julie, and Kari Martin. "Forging the Library Courseware Link." College & Research Libraries News 65.10 (2004): 594-613. Gibbons, Susan. "Course-Management Systems." Library Technology Reports 41.3; 3 (2005): 7-11

25 And still more… ---. "Integration of Libraries and Course-Management Systems." Library Technology Reports 41.3; 3 (2005): 12-20. ---. "Strategies for the Library: CMS Integration Barriers." Library Technology Reports 41.3; 3 (2005): 24-32. Jackson, Pamela Alexondra. "Integrating Information Literacy into Blackboard: Building Campus Partnerships for Successful Student Learning." Journal of Academic Librarianship 33.4; 4 (2007): 454-61. Markgraf, Jill S. "Collaboration between Distance Education Faculty and the Library: One Size does Not Fit all." Journal of Library Administration 37.3 (2002): 451. ---. "Librarian Participation in the Online Classroom." Internet Reference Service Quarterly 9.1 (2004): 5-19. Morgan, G. "Faculty use of course management systems." 2003..

26 For your interest: Create then Integrate Teaching Undergraduate Research Skills Using WebCT, an Education Institute Audio Conference with Sarah Fedko and Heather Berringer, Tuesday, March 11, 2008.

27 Integrating Library Services Into a Learning Management System (one day conference) When: Friday, April 18, 2008 Where: Cooper Hall, The College at Brockport SUNY NYThe College at Brockport The goal of this conference is to provide practical ways to integrate library services into learning management systems. A panel of experts will describe their knowledge and information technology skills with participants. Additional presentations will highlight ways in which libraries have incorporated library information, databases, tutorials, and assessment instruments into their learning management systems. The conference will also provide participants a "hands-on" view of other institutions work and examples that they can take back to their respective Website:

28 Contact me at: 807-343-8147 Chancellor Paterson Library Lakehead University, Thunder Bay, Ontario (were in the middle of Canada so if youre driving east or west, chances are you have to go through Thunder Bay!)

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