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Small Presses, Self-Publishing and PODs. Which is the real publisher?

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1 Small Presses, Self-Publishing and PODs


3 Which is the real publisher?


5 Donate Written Local


7 The POD runs off with the pie …traditional titles fell in 2008 by 3% …the number of on-demand, short run and unclassified soared 132% to 285,394 U.S. book sales fell 1.8% last year [2009] to 23.9 billion E-book sales tripled to $313 million

8 …the librarys responsibility to its public to ensure that its selection of materials is not unduly influenced by the personal opinions of the selectors, but determined by the application of generally accepted standards of accuracy, style and presentation.

9 The reputation or credentials of an author or publisher may justify the purchase or rejection of an item. The use of reviews from reputable sources may be used to assist in making the selection decision.

10 The quality of selected materials is based on the following criteria: clarity, accuracy and logic of presentation, objectivity, comprehensiveness and depth of treatment, literary and artistic merit and creativity and story content.



13 New Author Zone Sample Pages Weeded regularly Patrons read, rate, comment Stats specific to our library


15 PODS to watch iUniverse Author Solutions Smashwords Inc Amazon Encore Create Space (also owned by Amazon) Lightning Source (Part of Ingram) Volumes Publishing (HQ in K-W, offices in Brantfored, Cambridge, Guelph, London)

16 Letter to authors Dear Author, Thank you for your recent submission for consideration. As a public library we recognize a responsibility of making available works on Canada and by Canadian writers in all categories. However, it is also important to build a collection of merit and significance and so materials must be measured by objective criteria. I encourage you to look over our Selection of Library Materials Policy available at our website – Please ensure that all the necessary details (author, title, publisher, date of publication),are provided to us. As well, any reviews are also helpful in the selection process. To expedite the process I suggest you complete the form located on our jobbers website. Our jobber is our source for ordering materials. You may find this form at

17 Summary Policies Attitude Social Network

18 Whitchurch-Stouffville Public Library

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