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Collaboration In Action: A Success Story W. Van Straten, NPL Board Chair K. Dubeau, NPL Board.

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1 Collaboration In Action: A Success Story W. Van Straten, NPL Board Chair K. Dubeau, NPL Board

2 Partners

3 Shared Digital Infrastructure Enable transformation of the community Strategic opportunities to share investments in IT infrastructure, programs and services Spark the development of a knowledge sector

4 SDI Executive: Leaders Town of Newmarket Mayor CAO Director of IT Economic Development Officer Library Board Chair CEO Deputy CEO Newmarket Hydro President Southlake RHC Vice President CIO Chamber of Commerce Past Chair President Vice President


6 Key Components Digitization Lab Community Messaging RFID/Library System New LMS, web site Outreach Programs Video Conferencing Business Education Strategic Planning

7 Newmarket History Digitization Lab at Library Hardware, software, workstations Leading-edge processed and methodologies 125+ Years of ERA Banner Digitized, indexed, publicly available online Rescue Mission: Our History Preserved for Future Generations Arts & Culture: Key Support




11 Digital Art Collections 1/30/2014The Shared Digital Infrastructure Project11 Search: Newmarket


13 Community Messaging: Information Content sharing between SRHC & NPL Ability to target content Content library for community Potential to integrate with other systems Future: available to Police & EMS

14 RFID & Self Checkout Streamlined Inventory Control Management Self-service

15 Video Conferencing & Presentation Centres NPL, Chamber, SRHC – Video conferencing, webcasts/webinars – Document Imagers, Digital Panels

16 Business Education: Knowledge Over 100 companies assisted Strategic support for local businesses

17 BKI Activities = Engagement

18 BKI Activities

19 Strategic Planning Exploring: SDI as a key tactical strategy supporting economic development As an enabling foundation for Knowledge Sector Create a knowledge-rich environment & facilities Create a digital infrastructure for competitive advantage

20 Vision Community, Powered by Knowledge Collaboration + Innovation = Opportunities Community + Opportunities = Prosperity

21 SDI Project: Summary Project exceeded expectations: significant benefits Harnessed collective leadership: Key Asset Foundation for future collaboration Post project review – Lessons Learned Catalyst for community transformation Many new opportunities Aligns with Towns Strategic Goals Aligns with Federal and Provincial Priorities: Canadas MoonShot

22 Factors for Success Shared goals and vision – macro and project-based "The purpose of life is to collaborate for a common cause; the problem is nobody seems to know what it is." - Gerhard Gschwandtner Library as the Lead: Switzerland Mutual benefits understood by all Multiple levels of engagement Clear roles and responsibilities Dedicated Project Management Office Transparency, collaborative online workspace

23 Context: Why SDI The Context The economic impacts Canadas trending behind other nations on access and affordability The Opportunity: Only 6% of SMEs use e-commerce The Council of Canadian Academies has identified new media as having the greatest momentum and the highest growth potential for Canada, second only to the oilsands. The Digital Media sector globally is one of the fastest growing industries in the knowledge economy, with a projected valuation of US $2.2 trillion over the next five years. Key: How to differentiate our community

24 The Future of SDI: The Challenges Ongoing Challenges Communications Leadership changes Governance framework – expanding participation Engagement of private sector Long terms sustainability planning Community awareness

25 SDI: The Future DLab expansion Medical simulation and training lab Shared data analytics Integrated Library systems (NPL & SRHC) Shared GIS Integrated e-commerce/service kiosks; single sign-on Shared IT Infrastructure Coordinated planning, IT investments Open access, high speed networks ubiquitous access Intelligent Community Master Plan Defining how to build Knowledge in an Intelligent Community

26 Partnership: Collaboration Portfolio

27 Collaboration Learn to see the public library in a new light, and re-define advantages and resources that it can contribute Board-led engagement to ensure focus on innovation, partner engagement and incorporation to strategic planning

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