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Auto Repair Reference Center

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1 Auto Repair Reference Center

2 Welcome to EBSCO’s Auto Repair Reference Center (ARRC) tutorial, where you will learn about the key ARRC features from vehicle repair procedures, Auto IQ diagrams and video content, automobile Care & Repair Tips and automobile Troubleshooting tips.

3 ARRC content is provided by the publisher of Chiltons® Auto Repair Information and covers over 31,660 vehicles dating back to Upon logging in, you will be brought to the vehicle search page. First, select the year of the vehicle you wish to research.

4 After selecting a vehicle year, you will be prompted to select the make of the vehicle.

5 Next, select the vehicle model and then in the resulting menu, if applicable, select the engine type.

6 Topics Menu: You will then be presented with a list of available Repair Topics relevant to your search, including Repair Info, Bulletins, and Diagrams. Some models will also have Labor Times, Specifications, and Maintenance Intervals. Next, select Repair Info.

7 Selecting Repair Info will present you with a list of options on the left side of the screen that include several repair topics for your vehicle, including Engine, Electrical, Fuel System, and Brakes. When viewing specific repair information, you can print, , or download the page. Click the Topic drop-down menu to select another topic for your chosen vehicle, or click Change Vehicle to search for another vehicle.

8 Click Bulletins to access a list of Technical Service Bulletins and Recalls related to your vehicle.

9 Select Diagrams from the Topic drop-down to access a page where you are able to select from the available wiring diagrams, including diagrams for air conditioning, power windows, and sound systems.

10 Select Labor Times from the Topic drop-down menu, and then click the Labor Times link in the left column to access labor cost estimation information for your vehicle.

11 Click on the Auto IQ link at the top of the screen
Click on the Auto IQ link at the top of the screen. Auto IQ opens in a new window.

12 The Auto IQ feature enables users to select a topic and view videos and diagrams related to general automobile information, such as Fuel Management, Engine Management, and Heating and Air Conditioning. Selecting With Audio will enable users to view video content. Clicking on Without Audio will allow users to select between video content or images and text descriptions of engine functions.

13 After selecting With Audio, you will see a menu shaded in red at the top right of your screen. Select Fuel Management and a new drop down menu will appear. Next, select Fuel Pump Strainer and a video presentation will begin.

14 If you click on Without Audio, you will see the same menu
If you click on Without Audio, you will see the same menu. In this case, selecting Fuel Management and then Fuel Pump Strainer will present a text-based description of the Fuel Pump Strainer and will also include a link to the available video. Next, click on the Care & Repair Tips link at the top of your ARRC screen.

15 Clicking on Care & Repair Tips will open a new window with a complete guide to vehicle ownership & maintenance. This window can be closed when you are finished without logging you out of ARRC. After closing the window, click on the Troubleshooting tab at the top of the ARRC screen.

16 The Troubleshooting tab opens a new window with troubleshooting tips for a variety of automotive topics such as Drive Train, Brake System, and Electrical Accessories.

17 At any time, click on the Help link to view the complete online Help system.


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