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Telecom Regulatory Authority of India An introduction.

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1 Telecom Regulatory Authority of India An introduction

2 Agenda TRAI mandate A recent example in Telecom A recent example in Broadcasting Conclusions

3 TRAI mandate...1 Make recommendations, suo motu or on a request from the licensor on – need and timing for introduction of new service provider – terms and conditions of license to a service provider – revocation of license for non-compliance of terms and conditions of license

4 TRAI mandate...2 Measures to facilitate competition and promote efficiency in the operation of telecommunication services so as to facilitate growth in such services Technological improvements in the services provided by the service providers Type of equipment to be used by the service providers after inspection of equipment used in the network Measures for the development of telecommunication technology and any other matter relatable to telecommunication industry in general Efficient management of available spectrum

5 TRAI mandate...3 Ensure compliance of terms and conditions of licence Notwithstanding anything contained in the terms and conditions of the license granted before the commencement of the Telecom Regulatory Authority (Amendment) Ordinance 2000, fix the terms and conditions of inter-connectivity between the service providers Ensure technical compatibility and effective inter- connection between different service providers Regulate arrangement amongst service providers of sharing their revenue derived from providing telecommunication services

6 TRAI mandate...4 Lay down the standards of quality of service to be provided by the service providers and ensure the quality of service and conduct the periodical survey of such service provided by the service providers so as to protect interest of the consumers of telecommunication services Lay down and ensure the time period for providing local and long distance circuits of telecommunication between different service providers Maintain register of interconnect agreements and of all such other matters as may be provided in the regulations Keep register maintained under clause... open for inspection to any member of public on payment of such fee and compliance of such other requirement as may be provided in the regulations

7 TRAI mandate...5 Ensure effective compliance of universal service obligations: Levy fees and other charges at such rates and in respect of such services as may be determined by regulations Perform such other functions including such administrative and financial functions as may be entrusted to it by the Central Government or as may be necessary to carry out the provisions of this Act

8 Methodology Prepare consultation papers Get responses Provide recommendations Conduct focused meetings with public, and stake holders Conduct open house meetings Educate users Update knowledge base Follow development in other countries...

9 2G Spectrum reco...1 The Authority should be entrusted with the task of carrying out a review of the present usage of spectrum available with government agencies. The objective of this exercise will be to identify the spectrum actually in use by them; assess the efficiency of spectrum use; identify possible alternative solutions; examine the creation of a separate defence band; to draw up a suitable schedule for release of spectrum for Telecommunications

10 2G spectrum reco...2 Spectrum in 800 and 900 MHz bands should be refarmed at the time of renewal of the licenses. For holders of spectrum in 900 MHz band, substitute spectrum should only be assigned in 1800 MHz band and for licence holders of 800 MHz band, spectrum should be assigned in 450 /1900 MHz bands.

11 2G spectrum reco...3 The Authority would undertake regular spectrum audit through appropriate means. The details of the audit procedure and frequency of the exercise would be finalised through a separate consultation process.

12 2G spectrum reco...4 Keeping in view the scarcity of spectrum and the need to provide the contracted spectrum to the existing licensees, the Authority recommends that no more UAS licence linked with spectrum should be awarded All future licences should be unified licences and that spectrum be delinked from the licence

13 2G spectrum reco...5 The use of subscriber linked criteria be done away with for assignment of spectrum Spectrum in the 800,900 and 1800 MHz bands should not be subject to auction Spectrum in 800 and 900 MHz bands shall however may be subject to auction as and when it is refarmed.

14 2G spectrum reco...6 No M&A activity shall be allowed if the number of UAS/CMTS access service providers reduces below six in the relevant market consequent upon such an M&A activity under consideration.

15 Cable reco The Authority recommends that digitization with addressability be implemented on priority for Cable TV services in Non-CAS areas The Authority recommends that the migration to a digital addressable cable TV system be implemented with sunset date for Analogue Cable TV Services as 31st Dec 2013

16 Numbering scheme The Authority recommends that the 10-digit numbering scheme should be continued The Authority recommends that the country should migrate to an integrated 10-digit numbering scheme at the earliest. All preparations should be complete by 30 th September 2011 and actual migration to the integrated scheme be completed by 1 st January 2012

17 Conclusion: TRAI activities Provide policy framework, guidelines for – Systematic operation of telecom and broadcast – Ensure good services with competition – Regulate certain key factors – Level playing fields – Growth in the industry – Provide inclusive growth......

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