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©McGraw-Hill Higher Education Chapter 17 Letters from Prison: Philippians and Philemon.

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1 ©McGraw-Hill Higher Education Chapter 17 Letters from Prison: Philippians and Philemon

2 ©McGraw-Hill Higher Education Key Topics/Themes Philippians: an uncommonly warm Pauline letter Philemon: an implicit acceptance of slavery while stressing that Christian unity supercedes social class

3 ©McGraw-Hill Higher Education Introduction The four captivity letters –Philippians –Philemon –Colossians –Ephesians Widespread doubt about authenticity of Colossians and Ephesians

4 ©McGraw-Hill Higher Education Place of Origin Traditional view: Rome Other modern scholars: Ephesus Other modern scholars: Caesarea

5 ©McGraw-Hill Higher Education Letter to the Philippians

6 ©McGraw-Hill Higher Education Introduction Founded during Pauls first tour of Greece The only church from which Paul would accept financial support Reveals Pauls characteristic quick changes of mood

7 ©McGraw-Hill Higher Education Introduction (contd.) Some hold Philippians to be a composite letter Gives clues to early Christian beliefs about Jesus nature Organization

8 ©McGraw-Hill Higher Education The Significance of Pauls Imprisonment (1:12-30) A new opportunity to witness for Christ Pauls competitors attempt to use Pauls imprisonment to their own advantage Paul torn between wishing to live for the sake of his friends and leaving this world to be with Christ

9 ©McGraw-Hill Higher Education Hymn to Christ (2:6-11) May be pre-Pauline material Paul imported into letter Traditionally used in Christian theology to support doctrines of Trinity and Jesus prehuman existence May actually be contrast between the ways Adam and Christ related to God

10 ©McGraw-Hill Higher Education Hymn to Christ (contd.) Adams disobedience brings shame Jesus obedience brings glory and exaltation Christians should imitate Christ

11 ©McGraw-Hill Higher Education Recommendations of Timothy and Epaphroditus (2:19-3:1a) Timothy: Pauls entrusted associate; coauthor of Philippians Epaphroditus: messenger from Philippi; helped Paul while in prison

12 ©McGraw-Hill Higher Education Attacking Advocates of Circumcision (3:1b-4:9) May have originated as part of a separate letter Portrays Judaizers as dogs who practice mutilation Pauls rejection of the significance of his own outstanding Jewish heritage

13 ©McGraw-Hill Higher Education Letter to Philemon Pauls only surviving private correspondence Addressed to Philemon and his family An appeal for the good treatment of Philemons runaway slave Onesimus Hints at Philemon to liberate Onesimus Paul expresses hope he will be released from prison soon

14 ©McGraw-Hill Higher Education The Question of Slavery Pauls implicit acceptance of slavery Hebrew Bibles regulation of slavery Slavery inconsistent with New Testament principles of Christian freedom and human worth Pauls letters used by both pro- and anti-slavery advocates in American history

15 ©McGraw-Hill Higher Education Pauls Lasting Influence Paul recognized as chief among missionary apostles after his death Pauls letters collected and designated Scripture by mid-second century C.E.

16 ©McGraw-Hill Higher Education Lasting Influence (contd.) Pauls accomplishments –Impressive legacy as itinerant missionary –String of churches in Asia Minor, Macedonia, Achaia –Pauls voluminous accomplishments

17 ©McGraw-Hill Higher Education Review of Significant Themes in Pauls Theology God The role of Jesus Justification Adam and Christ Salvation through faith God and Christ Eschatology

18 ©McGraw-Hill Higher Education Summary Only a brief survey of Pauls thought Paul a monument to orthodoxy (correct teaching) to later Church leaders Other New Testament books written in his name after his death

19 ©McGraw-Hill Higher Education Summary (contd.) Influence of Pauls beliefs on Protestant Reformation in Europe Contemporary significance of Paul for modern Christendom

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