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By:Hadeeth Zaidi and Sundeep Dhillon. Used in Batteries.

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2 By:Hadeeth Zaidi and Sundeep Dhillon. Used in Batteries.

3 Lithium number in the Periodic Table is 2. It is in the first group (family) of The periodic table. The first group is the Alkali Metals with Lithium, Sodium, Potassium, Rubidium, Cesium, and Francium.

4 Litium is a strange element because even though it is the lightest metal it has a very high Boiling Point. The boiling Point is 1347 degrees Celsius. Its Density is nearly half of waters at 0.534g/cc. The melting point though is not to high at 600 degrees Celsius. Its Atomic number is 3 and its Atomic mass is 6.941. Its standard state is solid at 298k. Also it has 1 electron in its outer shell.

5 Discovered in 1817 by John August Arwedson in a Mineral discovered 20 years ago Lithium is the lightest metal. It has a silver-white/grey color and looks metallic. It is also soft and light to hold. Added to ceramic Lithium can make aluminum stronger. Lithium added to petrolem makes the grease thicker. It reacts slowly to water. Lithium reacts to most acids giving off hydrogen.

6 Lithium has not just one but many uses. Not only is it used in batteries but is used to make shock-resistant cookware, and black and white television. Lithium Carbonate is used to prepare aluminum metal. Lithium stearate is added to petroleum to make it thicker. It is also used in cosmetics and plastics. Lithium chloride is used in air-conditions.

7 Sodium has 14,000 uses. It is used in water conditioning, highway salt, Agriculture salt, and also chemical salt. Its greatest use is to produce other elements. Potassium is used in a WPM medicine for better growth of woody plants. Acsulfam potassium is a calorie-free sweetener. Potassium is used in fertilizers, soaps, detergents, drain cleaners, and types of glass. Rubidium is used in ionized engines, working fluids, thermoelectric generators, photocell components, and special glass. Cesium is used in atomic clocks, photoelectric cells, organic compounds, and ion engines. There are no uses for Francium.

8 Since Lithium is the lightest metal on the planet it also make batteries lighter. Also another big thing is that it reacts slowly to water which is great for a battery because batteries need to work under water sometimes. They also become less dangerous because of the redusion of toxic lead and cadmimum. Lithium can also fit easily into battery cells. Lithium is also active enough to be in a battery.

9 Lead, Nickel and Cadmium are also used in batteries. Lead is used in batteries because of all its natural properties. Lead also has a lot of energy. Nickel is ued in batteries because of electroplatating which means it is a protective coating for the other metals in the battery. Cadmium is used in batteries with nickel because then the battery becomes rechargeable.

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