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Families on the Periodic Table

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1 Families on the Periodic Table

2 Alkali Metals Elements Solids: Lithium Potassium Sodium Rubidium
Cesium Francium

3 Alkali Metals (cont.) Characteristics Soft Dull silver color
Low density Low melting point Reacts w/ halogens to form salts Reacts w/ water to form strong alkaline hydroxides

4 Alkaline Earth Metals Elements Solids Beryllium Magnesium Calcium
Strontium Barium Radium

5 Alkaline Earth Metals (cont.)
Characteristics Soft Shiny silver color Low density Found naturally as a compound Glow different colors Reacts w/ halogens to form ionic salts

6 Transition Metals Elements Solids All “D-block” elements
Atomic numbers 21-30 39-48 57, 72-80 89,

7 Transition Metals (cont.)
Characteristics High density High melting / boiling point Good catalysts Hard, tough & strong Silvery blue at room temp. Multiple oxidation states

8 Other Metals Elements Solids Aluminum Gallium Indium Tin Thallium Lead

9 Other Metals (cont.) Characteristics Relatively high density Salts
Solids Opaque color Malleable Oxidation numbers +3, +4, -3

10 Metalloids Elements Solids Boron Silicon Germanium Arsenic Antimony
Tellurium Polonium

11 Metalloids (cont.) Characteristics Some shiny Some dull Malleable
Ductile Has properties of both metals and nonmetals

12 Non-Metals Gases Hydrogen Carbon Nitrogen Oxygen Solids Phosphorus
Sulfur Selenium

13 Non-Metals (cont.) Characteristics Poor thermal conductors Brittle
Little to no metallic luster High ionization energy High electronegativity Gain electrons easily Various valance electron amts.

14 Halogens Solids Iodine Astatine Liquids Bromine Gases Fluorine

15 Halogens (cont.) Only group in all 3 states of matter
Highly reactive w/ Alkali Metals & Alkaline Earth Metals High electronegativity

16 Noble Gases Elements Gases Helium Neon Argon Krypton Xenon Radon

17 Noble Gases (cont.) Non-reactive Odorless Tasteless Colorless

18 Rare Earth Elements Elements Solids All “F-block” elements
Atomic numbers 58-71 90-103

19 Rare Earth Elements (cont.)
Characteristics Most are manmade High luster High burning point High electrical conductivity Reactivity varies Usually bonded to non-metals AKA: lanthanides & actinides

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