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Water System Planning Study

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1 Water System Planning Study
December 3, 2009

2 Agenda Purpose and Need Scope of Work Raw Water System Existing WTP
Regulatory Issues Site Selection Proposed WTP Finished Water Transmission Proposed Improvements Costs Next Steps / Schedule

3 Purpose and Need WTP near capacity (currently 75%; KDOW sanctions at 85%) Aging water infrastructure Increasing demand Regulatory changes

4 Purpose and Need (cont.)
Reliable supply needed Bluegrass Water Supply Commission Other alternatives studied City decided to build new WTP 5/08 Keep existing WTP in service

5 Scope of Work Evaluate existing systems and future needs
Assess new and future regulatory changes Identify best site for WTP Recommend necessary system improvements

6 Raw Water Sources Kentucky River intake OK
Maximum permitted withdrawal OK Changes in next permit (no step down) Concerns – Dam #10 condition, spills

7 Raw Water Sources Reservoir as backup supply Significant current leaks
Siltation – lower intake clogged Aesthetic water quality issues 9 months of the year

8 Raw Water Pump Station 2 existing pumps – 5.5 mgd firm capacity
Originally designed for 4 pumps – 15 mgd firm capacity Recommend 1 new pump for 2 operating with 1 standby – could deliver 14+ mgd to new WTP

9 Raw Water Transmission Main
Existing 18” line over 50 years old Limited existing capacity New 30” needed to new site (lifespan 50+ years) Existing 18” to continue serving existing WTP and reservoir

10 Existing Water Treatment Plant
Initially constructed 1891 Last major upgrade 1974 Currently rated at 5.3 mgd Reliable, sustainable 3.2 mgd

11 Existing Water Treatment Plant
Need interim improvements: Replace filter media Sludge removal equipment Potential expansion not feasible on current site, based on 1999 studies

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