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LEE COUNTY UTILITIES DIVISION Integrated Water Resources Master Plan.

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1 LEE COUNTY UTILITIES DIVISION Integrated Water Resources Master Plan

2 Agenda  Goals of Plan  LCU Service Areas  Water and Wastewater Projections  Gap Analysis  Recommendations  Next Steps

3 Goals  Provide guide to meet 2030 projected demands  Select water resources that address: Reliability Diversity and redundancy Environmental stewardship Regulatory uncertainty  Utilize storage to manage abundant seasonal supplies  Develop regional transmission system

4 LCU Water Supply Service Areas

5 LCU WWTP Service Areas

6 Water and Wastewater Projections Maximum Monthly Daily Demand (MMDD) YearLCULCU & Lehigh 2008 Actual (MGD)* Estimated (MGD) Difference (MGD) Water: Wastewater: YearLCULCU & Lehigh LCU & NFM LCU, Lehigh & NFM 2008 Actual (MGD) Estimated (MGD) Difference (MGD) * Million Gallons Per Day

7 2030 Water System Gap Analysis Water System Service Area 2030 Permanent Population Reliable Capacity 2030 MMDD (MGD) Required Constructed Capacity MMDD / RF (MGD) Current Permitted Treatment Capacity (MGD) Current Functional Capacity (MGD) 2030 Additional Capacity Need (MGD) North 79, Olga 51, South 183, Totals 313, * Lehigh 156, Totals 470, Gap Analysis including Lehigh Acres area

8 2030 Wastewater System Gap Analysis WWTP Service Area 2030 Estimated MMDF (MGD) 2030 Required Constructed Capacity (MGD) Current Functional Capacity (MGD) 2030 Capacity Deficit {Surplus} (MGD) City of Fort Myers South* (Allocated)0.10 (capacity deficit) City of Ft Myers Raleigh* (Allocated)0.98 (capacity deficit) Fiesta Village Fort Myers Beach {1.08} Gateway (2008 const){0.77} High Point {0.016} Pine Island San Carlos Three Oaks Waterway Totals North Fort Myers Lehigh Totals Gap Analysis Including North Fort Myers and Lehigh Acres area

9 Source Water and Water Treatment Plants  North Service Area Expand North Lee WTP to 15 MGD Increase brackish groundwater supply Decommission Waterway Estates WTP Increase connectivity amongst service areas  Olga Service Area Expand Olga WTP capacity to 10 mgd Improve river supply with ASR (limitations w/2 ASRs) Introduce brackish groundwater supply Increase connectivity amongst service areas

10 Source Water and Water Treatment Plants (Cont)  South Service Area Replace Green Meadow 9 mgd with new 14 mgd WTP Maintain capacity at Corkscrew and Pinewoods WTPs Increase treated water ASRs (success at Corkscrew w/5 ASRs) Investigate groundwater to groundwater ASR Investigate connectivity with other raw water supplies Increase connectivity amongst service areas Distribution Connectivity – 29 identified major pipeline projects

11 Wastewater Service Improvements  Three Oaks Service Area Decommission San Carlos WWTP and convey flow to Three Oaks WWTP Expand Three Oaks WWTP or consider a new regional WWTP  Waterway Estates Service Area and High Point Service Area Decommission both WWTP’s Convey wastewater flow to North Fort Myers FGUA service area  North Fort Myers FGUA Service Area Purchase North Fort Myers FGUA Expand WWTP capacity

12 Reclaimed Water  West (Fort Myers Beach/Fiesta Village) Service Area Deep Injection Well to eliminate river discharge from Fiesta Village WWTP Reclaimed Water ASR/DIW for seasonal water management Interconnecting pipeline between facilities to optimize reclaim utilization  Three Oaks Service Area Develop supplemental supply for reclaimed water system to better meet demand during dry season(under design)  System-wide 82% reclaimed utilization of WWTP effluent Continue to seek strategic opportunities to offset potable water demand

13 Next Steps  Further study storage options to maximize offset of potable water through reliable reclaim water system to further reduce disposal of this commodity.  Maximize benefit of alternative water sources and reclaimed water for overall water management  Beyond disposal of reclaimed water  Find the best “value” residential, industrial, recreational direct offset of potable water  Land use and construction regulations in new development to enhance stormwater retention and Florida-friendly landscape

14 Questions ? Runoff Estuary Confining System Gulf of Mexico Floridan Aquifer Surficial Aquifer Recharge Evapotranspiration Condensation Precipitation Percolation

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