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Welcome to my class! By Jackie Zhang Jiashan Middle School.

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2 Welcome to my class! By Jackie Zhang Jiashan Middle School

3 Revision of the reading

4 Task 1. Please write down the main idea of each paragraph. Para. 1: Para. 2: Para. 3-4: Para. 5: The _________ of the English language in the world. Native speaker can __________ each other All language change when __________ ____________ with one another. English is spoken as a _______ language or ________ language in _______ and Asia. Spread / development understand cultures communicate foreign second Africa

5 Task 2. Choose the correct answer. 1. English has/had the most speakers_________. A. now B. when the British ruled many parts of the world C. in the time of Shakespeare D. in the 12 th century 2. Which of the following statements is true? A. Language always stay the same. B. Language change only after wars. C. Language no longer change. D. Language change when cultures change. A D

6 3. From AD450 to 1150, English sounded more like______. A. French B. Chinese C. German D. Russian 4. Shakespeares English was spoken around ________. A. 1400s B. 1500s C. 450s D. 1600s 5. Which country has the fastest growing number of English speakers in the world? A. Australia B. China C. India D. Britain C D B Task 2. Choose the correct answer.

7 The road to modern English AD 450-1150 The English was spoken in England. It was based more on ______than the English we speak at present. AD 800-1150Because the people who ________ England spoke first Danish and later French, English became _________ like German. In the 1600s____________ made use of a wider vocabulary than ever before. In 1620Some British settlers moved to ___________. In the 18th century Some British people were taken to _________. 1765-1947English was spoken in India as well as in Africa and Asia. It became the language for _____________ and education in India. By the 19th century The English language was settled. Two big changes: Samuel Johnson wrote his __________. Noah Webster wrote ______________________________ and gave a separate identity to American English spelling. NowEnglish is also spoken in _________, __________, and countries in __________, and__________ may has the largest number of English learners. Task 3. Closet German ruled less Shakespeare America Australia government dictionary The American Dictionary of the English Language Singapore Malaysia Africa China

8 Task 4. Differences in vocabulary usage British.EnglishAmerican.English go to the picturesgo to the movies underground lift in a team rubber flat lorry petrol subway elevator on a team eraser apartment truck gas

9 Differences in vocabulary spelling British.EnglishAmerican.English theater, center colour, honour traveler realise, analyse, apologise defencedefense programme theatre, centre color, honor traveller realize, analyze, apologize program

10 Learning about language Discovering useful words and expressions

11 A. Who or what somebody or something is B. A word for gas in British way C. Not sudden D. In fact E. The second of two things or people already mentioned F. Ofen G. Long trip by sea or in space H. Able to speak or write a language well 1. petrol 2. voyage 3. gradually 4. frequently 5. identity 6. The latter 7. actually 8. fluent P11 Ex1.Match the new words and expressions with their meanings

12 Association with the vocabulary of Junior middle school 1. latter ---later --- late 2. voyage---trip---journey---tour. a journey by sea to a foreign or distant land a long act of traveling a short going from one place to another a trip with visits to different places for business, pleasure, or instruction voyage journy trip tour

13 3. one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen seventeen eighteen nineteen twenty thirty forty fifty … first second third fourth fifth sixth seventh eighth ninth tenth eleventh twelfth thirteenth fourteenth fifteenth sixteenth seventeenth eighteenth nineteenth twentieth thirtieth … ( 1 2 3 8 t,9 e,f ve,ty ti, th e!) 4. speak---talk---say--tell.1)The news paper that the famous movie star died cancer yesterday. 2)They with each other for half an hour in English last night. 3)I have to to the doctor about the advice she gave me. 4)Mother always me to wash my clothes by myself recently. 5)Wed better English in class to do practice as much as possible. says talked talk tells speak

14 It is not easy for Chinese person to speak English as as a English speaker. One reason is that English has a large. It also has different usage in different English speaking countries. If you use flat instead of, people in American will know you have learned British English. If you use the word instead of lift in Britain, people will know you have studied American English. P11 Ex2.Complete this passage with the words from the Warming up and reading fluently native vocabulary apartment elevator

15 English around the World English French German Chinese Japanese Russian … EnglandEurope Scotland Ireland France China Germany The USA Russia India … Asia South / North America Africa Oceania Antarctica… Language countriescontinents

16 Key answer: come up, At present, Because of, such as, make use of P11 Ex3.

17 such as 1. Some animals________ dogs, chicken act strangely before the earthquake. 2. Many students in our class are foreigners. Tom,_______ is an American. for example such as for example such as is used to list similar things. for example is used to illustrate the speakers argument.

18 because 1. She didnt take part in our party________ she was ill 2. She didnt take part in our party________ her illness. because of 3. I decided to go with them, mainly________ I had nothing better to do. 4. I would like to work in the company_________ the good working conditions. because because of because because of

19 make make a trip make a joke make a mistake make a decision make a snowman make a phone call make sb. Laugh make sb. do sth. make sure make fun of make friends with sb. make up ones mind Make use of

20 come 1. Come up to the fire, and you will feel warm. 2. Flowers are begining to come up when spring comes. 3. The question is likely to come up at the meeting. 4. Im afraid something urgent has come up; I wont be able to see you tonight. 1. Come up with 2. Come up to 3. 3. Come on 4. Come out 5. Come back 6. Come true 7. Come along Come up..

21 Practice makes perfect. 1. If it is a sunny day tomorrow, let s_________ it and go climbing the mountains. A. make use of B. be made of C. make sure D. make up of 2. Sorry I can t go with you – something has just _________ A. come true B. come over C. come up D. come back A C

22 Practice Quiz time!

23 1 Its used to take people upstairs and downstairs in the high buildings. What is it? WORD PUZZLE + 1 point for one question 2 Its a kind of liquid and very necessary for the car. Car cant move without it. What is it? Lift / elevator petrol / gas

24 1. agreed, said or done by government 2. like a line or road that goes in one direction 3. national, local way of pronouncing words 4. a polite way of asking for something 5. the way that the words are used in a language official P49 Using words and expressions Ex 1 (+ 2 points for one question straight recent request usage

25 6. the northern central area of the USA 7. someones name or a strong feeling of being part of a group, race, etc 8. a powerful flash of light in the sky 9. the way in which a word is spelled 10. truck midwestern identity lightning spelling lorry

26 Exercise Quiz time!

27 Find the odd one out (+ 3 points for one question 1. actor elevator visitor doctor director 1. the only word that does not refer to a person 2. eastern western northern modern Midwestern 2. the others are all points of the compass( )

28 Find the odd one out 3. windy lorry lucky sandy cloudy 3. the only one in which y is not a real suffix( ); the only noun while the others are adjectives 4. imagine improve important impolite immediately 4. the only one in which the prefix( ) im gives the root word a negative ( )meaning

29 Find the odd one out 5. fluently July gradually actually frequently 5. the only one where ly is not a real suffix( ) 6. unhappy untidy unfriendly unless unnecessary 6. the only one in which un does not make the root word negative( )

30 Find the odd one out 7. afraid alone awake aloud alive 7. the only one in which a is not a real prefix( ) 8. natural capital national official traditional 8. the only one where al is not a real suffix( )

31 Exercises Add up your points! Cheer for the winner

32 The key to studying English review or recall what youve learnt brainstorm: associate the new with the old Try using what youve learnt in life to get to know something new Do more exercises Practice makes perfect.

33 Life is short ! If you have decided to do something but havent done it, it doesnt matter. Its never too late to do it today! I am Xiaoshenyang. English is --- I d like to learn more English to express myself and to

34 Homework 1. Review what weve learnt taday 2. Preview next part. 3. Finish the exercise paper


36 Exercises More practice!

37 Am E neighborhood labor color honorable humor favorite theater kilometer Br E neighbourhood labour colour honourable humour favourite theatre kilometre


39 1. barren 2. be made up of 3. cherish 4. bloom 5. mold 6. accompany 7. breed Try to find out the exact words in the passage according to the paraphrases. 1. not producing fruits or seeds. 2. consist of 3. care for, treasure 4. produce flowers 5. influence 6. to be together with 7. light wind

40 When will there be no more an autumn moon and spring time flowers For me who had so many memorable hours?,. Try to translate all those lyrics into English Peach-trees and plum-trees blossomed, in the winds of spring; Lakka-foliage fell to the ground, after autumn rains;

41 Consolidation: Write a composition A day is made up of Morning, Noon, Evening and Night. Describe what you feel about them. Hint: Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy and wealthy.

42 2,900,000 12.1 120,000,000 1988 650,000 What does all the numbers stand for? Scan the passage quickly to find out the answers.

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