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Globalization of Health Care – A ParkwayHealths Perspective Presentation by Daniel James Snyder Group Executive Vice President & Chief Executive Officer.

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1 Globalization of Health Care – A ParkwayHealths Perspective Presentation by Daniel James Snyder Group Executive Vice President & Chief Executive Officer October 21, 2008

2 We must ensure that the global market is embedded in broadly shared values and practices that reflect global social needs, and that all the world's people share the benefits of globalization. ~ Kofi Annan ~

3 Our Strategy Leading the way with excellence


5 Our Vision To be the global leader in value-based integrated healthcare About ParkwayHealth

6 Our Mission To make a difference in peoples lives through excellent patient care About ParkwayHealth

7 People above all… By treating those we serve and each other with compassion, dignity, integrity and mutual respect. Excellence… By striving for the finest clinical, service and operational outcomes. Results… By exceeding the expectations of the people we serve and those we set for ourselves. About ParkwayHealth Our Values

8 People: Attract, develop, retain engaged employees Quality: Achieve the finest clinical outcomes Service: Attain the highest levels of service excellence Finance: Meet and exceed our financial goals and targets Growth: Grow the system per our strategic plans Our Strategic Priorities About ParkwayHealth

9 Our Progressive Global Reach New branding launched on 1 Sep 07. The new brand identity imbues the value and essence of the ParkwayHealths brand, so as to visually represent ParkwayHealth as a global leader in value- based integrated healthcare. Launch of ParkwayHealths International Brand Campaign in Nov 07. ParkwayHealths advertisements are now recognisable in the Groups emerging markets such as the US, UK, Russia and the Ukraine, in Southeast Asia, aboard major inflight magazines and the Singapore media.

10 Corporate Background Listed in the Singapore Stock Exchange (SGX, 1974); Market Capitalization is near SGD 3 billion; Approximately 9,000 employees; Total revenues of SGD 870 million (FY2007); Launch of SGD 800 million Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) 7 August 2007.

11 Our People Establishing an organization structure built to execute

12 Dr. Lim Cheok Peng Group President & CEO Ann Yong Group Senior VP, PR Dan Snyder Group EVP & CEO June Tay GSVP Legal and Risk Choo Oi Yee Group Senior VP STRATEGY Molly Foo Group Senior VP FINANCE Richard Seow Yung Liang Chairman Prof Low Teck Seng CEO Parkway Education Fong Choon Khin Group SVP Information Justine Wingrove CEO REIT Our Senior Leaders

13 Leadership Behaviour Expectations Focus on people, excellence and results demonstrated by: Enthusiasm, energy and excitement Can-do attitude Mature and principled leadership Confidence Systems thinking and care about the whole Continuous learning and innovation and Global Mindset Teamwork

14 Inspiring and motivating people to achieve the vision and mission … Healthcare Executive Leadership

15 Our Unique Selling Propositions Maintaining excellent clinical initiatives aligned with global industry practices

16 Our Clinical Outcomes CLINICAL INDICATORTARGETCLINICAL OUTCOME CABG CABG Mortality Rate3.00%2.10% MIS Laparoscopic Surgery (Cystectomy, Myomectomy, Hysterectomy) Unexpected Return to ORLess than 1.00%0.00% Conversion Rate to Open SurgeryLess than 1.00%0.98% MIS Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy Conversion Rate to Open SurgeryLess than 1.00%0.60% In Vitro Fertilization (Mount Elizabeth) Live Baby Birth Rate35.00%40.00% Clinical Pregnancy Rate41.80%48.00% Stroke Care Avg. Time to have CT Scan following admission120 min57.2 min Barthel Indices for Stroke Patients 41.2 (Barthel Score On Arrival) 54.7 (Barthel Score At Discharge) Total Knee Replacement No. of Patients that are able to Ambulate 4 th Post Operative DayMore than 90%93.80% Total Hip Replacement Surgical Site Infection RateLess than 1.00%0.00% Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia (ALL) Initial Response to Remission Induction TherapyMore than 95%100% Source: Reflections (A ParkwayHealth Quality Division Publication) Our Unique Selling Propositions (USP)

17 Our Processes Benchmarking Against The Best (Process): In ParkwayHealth, as a leading healthcare organisation, quality of care is of utmost importance. Our hospitals and medical centres are benchmarked against world-class facilities globally to improve our systems for safer practices and better outcomes in patient care. In 2006, ParkwayHealths hospitals became Singapores first private healthcare provider to attain the prestigious Joint Commission International (JCI) accreditation. Technology also has the potential to transform and bring healthcare to the next level. ParkwayHealth has invested heavily in state-of-the-art medical equipment such as the Da Vinci Robotic Surgical System and the Aquilion One 320-Slice CT Scanner. Our Unique Selling Propositions (USP)

18 While procedure prices in Singapore are about 20-40% higher than some of our neighbouring countries, it is also 50-100% cheaper than the UK and US ParkwayHealths physician outcomes are as good as or even better than international standards Patients receive value-based, ethical, quality and safe care in our hospitals Competitive Pricing vs Peace of Mind Our Unique Selling Propositions (USP)

19 Patients travel for complex medical treatment and surgery, not just to save on cost, but to get these procedures done earlier, and sometimes, to access the best specialists available in the field. In 2007, ParkwayHealth received the Singapore Tourism Special Recognition Award for the Groups work in helping to create Singapore as a global medical hub. Foreign patients continue to be a vital segment of the Groups business mix and a strategic growth area. Medical Travel Our Unique Selling Propositions (USP)

20 Foreign Patients Source : Foreign Patients - 30% (N= 240,000) Local Patients - 70% (N= 560,000) AfghanistanBrit. Virgin Is.East TimorIraqMongoliaSaudi Arabia AlgeriaBruneiEgyptIrelandMyanmarSouth Korea AustraliaBulgariaEthiopiaJapanNew ZealandSpain AustriaCambodiaFinlandKazakhstanNorth KoreaSri Lanka AzerbaijanCanadaFranceKenyaNigeriaUAE BangladeshChinaGermanyKuwaitOmanUkraine BelgiumCoconut IslandsGuineaLaosPakistanUnited Kingdom BermudaColumbiaHong KongLibyaPhilippinesUSA BahrainCroatiaIndiaMalaysiaPortugalUzbekistan BhutanCyprusIndonesiaMaldivesQatarVietnam BrazilDenmarkIranMauritaniaRussian Fed.Zimbabwe ParkwayHealth market share is 60% (estimated) of total medical travellers to Singapore in 2007 Our Patients Mix

21 Our Services Adopting a holistic approach to provide integrated facilities and expertise globally


23 Clinical programs bring together facilities and expertise for the comprehensive treatment of specific illnesses / conditions in the program Treatment and care that is grounded on good clinical practice - with excellent clinical outcome indicators patients benefit Treatment and care is delivered in a seamless manner Performance measures and benchmarks Professional performance reviews Our Clinical Programs

24 Our 8 Clinical Programs

25 Parkway Liver Centre Services Include: Living Donor Liver Transplantation Liver Surgery Liver Dialysis Pancreatic Surgery Gall Bladder/Bile Duct Surgery Paediatric Liver Surgery & Transplantation Radio Frequency Ablation (RFA) Transarterial Chemo Embolisation Liver intensive care

26 Haematology & Stem Cell Transplant Centre Services Include: Haematology Consultation services Haemotopoietic stem Cell Transplant Program Outpatient Chemotherapy Blood Transfusion Services Biological and Cellular Therapy Apheresis Program Supportive Care program


28 Our Imaging Services Aquilion ONE ParkwayHealth is the first to install the Aquilion ONE 320-slice CT Scanner in Asia, outside Japan. Able to image an entire organ in a single rotation, ensuring greater accuracy and diagnostic confidence. Physicians can see 3-D depictions organs and how the organs blood flow are dynamically functioning or moving within and around the organ. Can perform uniquely comprehensive exams that can reduce overall healthcare costs. Aquilion One 320-Slice CT Scanner

29 Our Global Presence ParkwayHealths Hospitals, Medical Centres & International Patient Assistance Centres

30 Joint Commission International (JCI) All ParkwayHealths three hospitals in Singapore are accredited by JCI. JCI is the international accreditation arm of the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organisations based in the United States. The accreditation affirms that the processes and procedures we have put in place are of international quality standards. It represents a worldwide consensus on quality patient care and reflects state-of-the-art healthcare practices and healthcare delivery trends. Accredited in Year 2006 Accredited in Year 2007

31 INDIA No. of beds 225 Apollo Gleneagles, Kolkata Apollo Gleneagles, Kolkata MALAYSIA No. of beds Gleneagles Medical Centre, Penang 150 8 Pantai Hospitals BRUNEI No. of beds Gleneagles JPMC (Cardiac Centre) 30 CHINA No. of beds Gleneagles Intl Medical & Surgical Centre, Shanghai 4 Gleneagles Intl Medical & Surgical Centre, Shanghai 4 Luwan Inpatient and Specialty Centre, Shanghai 10 Luwan Inpatient and Specialty Centre, Shanghai 10 SINGAPORE No. of beds Total Number of Hospitals:15 Total Number of beds: 3,174 Mount Elizabeth Hospital 505 Gleneagles Hospital 380 East Shore Hospital 123 Day Surgery & Medical Centre 38 ParkwayHealths new hospital – Hospital of the Future will be completed in 2011 ParkwayHealths new hospital – Hospital of the Future will be completed in 2011 Pantai Medical Centre, KL 264 Cheras Medical Centre, KL 200 Pantai Klang Specialist, Klang 60 Pantai Klang Specialist, Klang 60 Hospital Pantai Mutiara, Penang 250 Hospital Pantai Ayer Keroh, Malacca 250 Hospital Pantai Indah, KL 180 Hospital Pantai Putri, Ipoh 121 Hospital Pantai Putri, Ipoh 121 Hospital Pantai, Batu Pahat 50 VIETNAM Parkway Shenton International Clinic Gleneagles Intan Hospital, KL 303 ParkwayHealths Regional Hospitals

32 (65) 6735 5000 24-Hour Helpline: (65) 6735 5000 One-stop service Emergency Care Non-Emergency Care Inquiry, Information, Feedback Specialist Appointment Evacuation & Repatriation Extending Visa/Flight Airport Transfer Arrangements Services Include: Hotels Booking (Corporate Rates) Service Apartments Booking Airport Taxi and Meeting Services Limousine, Ambulance Daily Visit to Patients Interpreter, Food and Personal Needs Videoconferencing Banking Services Assistance International Patient Assistance Centre (IPAC)

33 N = 45

34 You can only manage what you measure… In healthcare, you must measure everything… You must link incentives to all measures…

35 Clear on Strategy and Plans Organized to: Continue from Good to Great Build the Bench Grow Rapidly Executing with Discipline, Standards and Professionalism Summary

36 Thank You

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