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MEETING THE CHALLENGE Addressing the issues Al-Hikmah Centre 25 April 2013.

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1 MEETING THE CHALLENGE Addressing the issues Al-Hikmah Centre 25 April 2013

2 Thank you for inviting us

3 Feedback so far You value Dewsbury Hospital You want the people who run the local NHS to have the best interests of North Kirklees people at heart You think it’s all about the money Longer journey times make it much harder for visitors You think we’re not being honest about A&E You think our proposals for A&E would put lives at risk You are worried that the proposals don’t take account of deprivation and poor health locally

4 Most of your everyday healthcare needs would still be met locally : Outpatients, tests, x-rays, scans Planned operations All antenatal and postnatal care (inc consultant led appointments) Birth (if low risk) Rehabilitation Summary : if you live in the Dewsbury/ Batley area

5 Summary : if you live in the Dewsbury/ Batley area (contd) If you needed care in an emergency : most care would still be provided locally (A&E, assessment) emergency day care would mean fewer people needed to stay in hospital If you were very sick, needed specialist treatment or had complex needs, you would go to Pinderfields More of your care would be provided by consultants and specialist trained nurses

6 Why the changes? Care has changed dramatically: more services outside hospital inc patients’ own homes constantly improving techniques shorter times in hospital Specialist centres save more lives Separating planned and unplanned services gives better results Not enough doctors to staff all sites 24/7 More demand Need to make better use of money and sustain services for the future

7 How would people benefit? More lives saved More people making a better recovery Fewer patients having to be admitted to hospital unexpectedly Services more joined-up Better use of your money

8 Dewsbury A&E – the key facts Approx 87,700 attendances last year Of these: 64% (approx 56,000 people) didn’t need any follow-up 9% only needed an outpatient appointment 21% admitted (approx 18,000 people)

9 Illness/injuryDewsbury nowDewsbury proposed Simple broken or dislocated arm/wrist/knee/ankle/hand Yes Major accidentNo – Leeds or Pinderfields Heart attackNo – Leeds Chest painsYesAssessed by 999 or in A&E. Some go home after day care. Some transferred after tests. Typical sports injuryYes Urinary infection/unable to pass urineYes Early pregnancy concernsYes Head injury but consciousYes Severe wound – blood loss and stitching Yes StrokeNo – PinderfieldsNo - Pinderfields Severe abdominal pain/breathlessnessYesNo The sort of conditions we see in A&E

10 Q&As

11 Dewsbury maternity – key facts Now Both a consultant-led and a midwife-led unit 40 beds Approx 2,600 deliveries p/year Consultant(s) present on labour ward 60 hours p/week Proposed Midwife led unit 6 beds Expect approx 500 deliveries per year Consultant- led service at Pinderfields – with consultant(s) present on labour ward 168 hours p/week

12 What it would be like for women Antenatal and postnatal care all stay local 10 years experience of doing just this 1 in 5 women using MLU may need transfer to Pinderfields, majority will not be for life threatening events Ambulance travel time Dewsbury to Pinderfields is under 15 minutes Specialist teams put on alert before/during transfer to be ready for each emergency situation Emergencies include foetal heart problems, serious bleeding, umbilical cord prolapse

13 Q&As

14 Dewsbury children’s service key facts Now Full outpatient service 10 inpatient beds on children’s ward for medical admissions Inpatient and emergency surgery at Pinderfields Day surgery in the Boothroyd Centre 8 beds for assessment and short stays 12 special care baby cots (SCBU) Intensive care for babies (NICU) at Pinderfields

15 Dewsbury children’s service key facts Proposed Full outpatient service Children’s assessment unit with consultant presence Children’s medical and surgical inpatients at Pinderfields Special care and intensive care for babies at Pinderfields More joined up community service Investment in Dewsbury Hospital of approx £1 million

16 Taking part in the consultation The questionnaire On-line By post Hand it in to one of us Talk to us tonight

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