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Motivation, Preparation, and Conditions for the Entering Teacher

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1 Motivation, Preparation, and Conditions for the Entering Teacher
Chapter 1 Motivation, Preparation, and Conditions for the Entering Teacher

2 Motives for Choosing Teaching
Love of Children Desire to Impart Knowledge Interest In and Excitement About Teaching Desire to Perform Service to Society Challenge Inspired by Favorite Teachers Working Conditions, Pay, Benefits Which ones fit you?

3 Need for Teacher Diversity
Fewer Minorities Teaching Reasons for More Teacher Diversity Positive role models More tuned in to minority students’ learning styles Provide help for English Language Learners Efforts to Encourage Minorities to Enter Teaching Increased financial aid Better recruitment of minorities More effective pre-college recruitment of minorities into teaching

4 Teacher Supply and Demand
Several Million New Teachers Needed “Mini” Baby Boom and Immigration The Graying of the Profession: Teachers Retiring Push for Smaller Class Sizes Reductions in Non-Certified Teachers Expansion of Alternative Licensing Programs Shortages in Specific Fields

5 Factors That Affect Teacher Pay
Location, Location, Location! Years of Experience Educational Level NBPTS Certification Missing Factors (for now): Non-NBPTS performance assessments How well a teacher’s students perform

6 Trends in Teacher Education
Alternative Licensing Programs Trends in Pre-service Teacher Education Earlier and More Extensive Field Experiences Fifth-Year and Five-Year Programs Reflective Teaching Technology Proficiency Preparation for Students with Disabilities Preparation for Diverse Classrooms Testing Teachers Induction Programs Quality of Teacher Preparation Programs “Teaching at Risk” “Ed Schools Project” Exemplary Programs

7 Teacher Satisfaction National Survey Results
Impact of State and District Standards “High-stakes” tests Teaching to the Tests Coping with Stress

8 National Reports: Impact on the Teaching Profession
A Nation at Risk (1983) Higher entry standards Improved teacher salaries One more month of employment Career ladders Master teachers more involved in preparation of new teachers No Child Left Behind (2001) Teacher Quality Goals Highly Qualified Teachers Three requirements Competency re-defined New alternative licensing programs Controversy over states’ progress

9 Standards and Assessment in Teacher Preparation
NBPTS Certification INTASC Standards Holmes Group Recommendations Professional Development Schools Reactions to National Reform Efforts

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