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FED 300 Foundation of Education 1. Teaching as a Profession.

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1 FED 300 Foundation of Education 1. Teaching as a Profession

2 Today’s Teachers Teachers must meet the rigorous national and state standards for entering the profession Teachers candidates in colleges are very diverse in culture, age and experiences

3 The Impact of the Teaching Profession to the Society The public view to teachers and schools regarding their value to the society

4 Student Grades Given The student grades they get is like a positively skewed curve ABCDFail Unknown

5 Teacher as a professional  Teachers possess and can use specialized knowledge  Teachers must fulfill licensure requirement in order to practice  Teachers are decision makers  Teachers not only teacher, they leave a legacy in learners  Teachers add intellectual value to schools  Teachers are compelled or driven by a sense of responsibility to perform their work.  Work with standards  Teachers get paid for their services

6 Motivation for choosing teaching  Love of children  Desire to impart knowledge  Interest in and excitement about teaching  Desire to perform a valuable service to society  Stable job  Acceptable salary  Respectable profession

7 What is the greatest influence on student learning Society has great expectations for its teachers. It is known that the best way to lift student achievement is to ensure a qualified teacher in every classroom. If America’s education goals are to be realized, our schools will need to recruit, hire, and develop the largest, best-prepared, and most diverse generation of teachers this nation has ever known.

8 Challenge of teaching all students Issues of Learning style Multicultural student body Learning preference Multiple talents Faire evaluation Varieties of assessment approaches Assure educational equity Meeting the needs of all Globalized learning environment One example: REU in AAMU- ChinaREU

9 Promote educational diversity African American, Hispanic American, and Asian American minority student body make up about 40% of the public school student population, but the minority teachers in public schools are generally estimated at 15% of the teachers or less. Teachers from a cultural or ethnic minority group generally are in a better position than are nonminority teachers to serve as positive role models for students. Minority teachers are in a closer position to minority students in communication, friendship, mutual understanding, feelings, and “hang- out” interaction.

10 Licensure (Certification) is for a standard-based selection of qualified teachers National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS) Approaches to pass approved programs: –Evaluate transcripts from an accredit college/university –Candidate complete a teacher education program that has been approved or accredited by the state Reciprocity Agreements between states Alternative and emergency licensure –Uncertified student teachers and Troops to Teachers

11 Teaching Jobs Two Factors influence the availability of the teaching jobs: The number of properly qualified teachers available and the demand for these teachers Other factors: enrollment changes, class size policies, budget considerations, changes in special education programs, job turnover due to retirement and attrition. Shortage of teachers with the increase of students Teacher Salaries Benefits: Social security, retirement plan, life insurance, and health insurance, plus vacations, holidays, etc.

12 Examples of salaries in various districts StateAverage Salary Beginning Salary Connecticut$57,760$39,259 New York$55,665$37,231 Illinois$56494$37500 Missouri$39064$29281 Texas$41009$33775 Georgia$46437$34442 Colorado$43965$35086 California$57604$35760 Alabama$38186$31368 Oklahoma$37879$29174 Mississippi$38212$28200 Tennessee$42076$32369 U.S. Average$47602$31753




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