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Fit4Phoenix Health Risk Assessments (HRA) and Wellness Program for City of Phoenix Employees.

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1 Fit4Phoenix Health Risk Assessments (HRA) and Wellness Program for City of Phoenix Employees

2 Fit4Phoenix Fit4Phoenix supports holistic employee wellness Nutrition Fitness Stress Management Mental Health Health Risk Prevention Early Health Risk Identification Disease Management

3 Why Wellness? The City’s medical coverage is self-funded. Employee medical coverage is one of the City’s TOP TEN annual expenses - $165 million in 2013. The City sets the premium rates based on coverage and claims costs. Group health risks are considered when setting the premiums Catching health risks early is an effective way to manage health care costs.

4 Why Wellness? Helping employees catch health risks early is the right thing to do. For every $1 spent on wellness, $3 is eventually saved in claim expense. Over 90% of large employers have a formal wellness program. More than 65% of all employers have one.

5 Health Risk Assessments A health risk assessment is one of the most widely used screening tools in the field of health promotion and is often the first step in multi-component health promotion programs. When taken across a population, a health risk assessment can identify common risk factors like obesity, stress, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and help shape the direction of your wellness program.

6 Health Risk Assessments Scientific tool designed to measure all the important factors that are known to affect current health as well as the risk of future illness. Identifies opportunities for lifestyle change to improve health and well being.

7 The Value of an HRA informing individuals of their health risks and behaviors that increase the risk of disease. encouraging positive lifestyle change for the individual. engaging employees in an organization's wellness initiative. helping health professionals to identify high-risk individuals. providing a snapshot of an organization's health status. acting as leverage or a justification for the introduction of a wellness program. producing comparative data that can be measured over time. contributing to a meaningful analysis of productivity and return on investment (ROI).

8 Health Risk Assessment Reporting Personal Report – personal profile of risk, identify choices and behaviors that can lower risk, reference and resources to assist the member Group Summary – aggregate data that allowing you to easily view the prominent risk factors in your organization. Trend Report – illustrates the impact of wellness efforts by showing changes and improvements from previous testing periods.

9 Health Risk Assessments The City is in the 3 rd year of offering HRA’s to employees and now retirees. Done as part of the Open Enrollment process 80+% participation among employees 2 years worth of data for analysis Incentive offered to employees and retirees who complete the HRA

10 Health Risk Assessments Open Enrollment Clinics provide ease of completion On-site biometric screening Computer Lab City staff and carrier assistance

11 Top Employee Health Risks Weight Cholesterol Stress Problems Sleeping Blood Pressure Diabetes

12 Fit4Phoenix Free Catalog Classes Includes a FREE 12-week weight loss program, Fitness Fridays, Habits for better sleep, stress management, etc. Health Coaching Onsite VEEP Nutrition Program Weight Watchers at Work Preventive Screenings MOM, POP, Skin Cancer Pedometer Program

13 Onsite Health Coaching Onsite Health Coaching Nutrition Weight Loss Fitness Stress Management Blood Pressure Cholesterol Blood Sugar

14 What is Health Coaching? 1:1 meetings free to employees 20-25 minutes Coaching is personalized to you Private and confidential Meet as often as you want (520)293-3369

15 The Health Coaches Wellness Council of Arizona Qualified and experienced in nutrition, fitness, stress management, disease management and more!

16 Pedometer Program “Pebble” style pedometer Automatically uploads the number of steps you’ve taken Track your steps online Challenges and incentives

17 Questions? 602-534-3980

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