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For School Related Activities.  An approved vendor pass is required for fund raising activities involving a vendor. The Department of Purchasing will.

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1 For School Related Activities

2  An approved vendor pass is required for fund raising activities involving a vendor. The Department of Purchasing will determine if background checks will be necessary.  Indicate on the application all individuals that will be visiting the campus.


4  Required for all revenue generating activities


6  Submit fundraising application for approval one (1) month before start of the activity.  Fund raising activities may not be initiated to finance a student trip without prior approval of the trip from the appropriate Assistant Superintendent of Instruction.  Out-of-state trips also need the Superintendent’s approval.

7 Indicate the specified information on the fundraising application. Be specific on: a.Beginning and ending date b.Purpose of sale (what the funds raised will be used for) i.Proceeds from sales must be used as indicated on the approved application. c.Describe product or activity

8 d.Cost and profit information i.Profit specified by company representative must be attainable. ii.The District requires a profit margin of 45% or greater after shipping and/or other charges for all school-wide fundraising activities.

9 1.Principal who has the right to deny any activity 2.Department of Financial Services’ Staff Accountant 3.Assistant Superintendent of Instruction

10  Any type of contracts or agreements pertaining to the fundraiser must be forwarded to the Department of Purchasing for review and approval.  Only the Department of Purchasing is authorized to sign contracts and contractual agreements.

11 Sponsor must issue cash receipts to students for money received. All money must be deposited.

12 a. Original issued to payee b. 2 nd copy (yellow copy) attached to sponsor’s deposit documentation c. 3 rd copy kept in deposit book for reference

13 (Example: Receipt #1 deposited before #2) Provide sufficient information to reconcile the cash receipts to the deposit. Submit yellow copy of receipts when turning in money for deposit. These receipts should equal the amount deposited. (Example: Receipts 1-15 equal the $1,000.00 amount deposited)

14  Cash Receipts must be kept in sequential order and all receipts must be account for.  Sponsor must turn in a cash tally sheet indicating the exact amount of currency and cash submitted for deposit.


16 1.Sponsor’s ledger must match activity account. 2. Original supporting documentation of all checks issued. 3.Records of minutes. Document in writing decisions relating to purchases, payments, withdraws from group, etc.

17  Uniform Purchase for Cheerleaders, Flag/Dance Teams, etc.  Payments for Trips

18 Must be able to trace/confirm individual amounts posted to a student’s account.  Expenditures – Amount posted must match Vendors’ invoice. Inform parents if the amount charged differs from the amount invoiced. Issue credits to students, if the amount is less.  Payments – Confirmed by issued cash receipts and fundraising recap.

19  Deposit money daily or by the next school workday. (No petty cash accounts.)  All money received must be deposited. (No petty cash accounts.)  Keep money is safe secure location until deposit is made.

20 The school’s business office must issue a computer generated cash receipt to the sponsor at the time any money is turned in for depositing. The cash receipt must indicate the following:  Cash Receipt #  Date (date money was turned in to school’s business office)  Received from (name of person)  Description (specify fundraiser)  Amount (exact amount received)

21 All payments and purchases must be done by a campus issued check.

22 a.Must be completed with (2) weeks from the end of the ending date of the fundraiser. b.Must account for all products received.

23 c.Must account for all money received. i.Keep detailed records of uncollected amounts. 1.Student names and amounts 2.Products or items d.Update the financial recap as money is collected.

24 e.Required supporting documentation. i.Fundraising Activity Recap Sheet or Detailed Analysis of Activity Accounts. 1.Fundraising Activity Recap Sheet a.Indicate deposits by date and receipt number. b.Indicate checks written by date and check number. 2.Activity Account Detailed Ledger a.On the ledger, highlight the deposits pertaining to the fundraiser. b.On the ledger, highlight the payments pertaining to the fundraiser.


26 f.The Financial Recap’s indicated profit must equal the specified profit on the application. i.Revenue received from sales (plus) uncollected balances (equals) total revenue from sales. ii.Total revenue from sales (less) invoiced amount (equals) Profit. iii.Profit (divided by) total revenue from sales (equals) profit percentage.

27 g.Compare actual profit earned to vendor’s stated profit. h.Reconcile the difference by providing documentation for: Delinquent amounts (name grade, and amounts) Product outstanding Damaged/obsolete products

28 i.Sponsors are required to close all fundraising activities at the conclusion of the school year. New fundraising activities will not be approved until all past year’s activities are closed.

29  Must comply with City/County Health Regulations relating to food handling (Food Handling Cards).  Inventory Sales Report is required for all concession sales for both purchased items and donated items.  Amount indicated on Concession Sales Report must equal amount deposited. Indicate on report cash receipt number for money deposited.


31 When asking for or receiving donations, use the Donation Approval Form.


33 A Sales Tax Exemption Form must be completed for all fundraisers claimed as tax exempt.


35 Each organization is allowed to have two one-day tax-free sales during the calendar year, January 1 through December 31.

36 Refer to the District’s Policy Manual on Fundraising Activity, FJ (Regulation) Gifts and Solicitations.











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