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LiveAction QoS Solution

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1 LiveAction QoS Solution
ActionPacked! Networks See Quickly. Act Quickly.

2 What is LiveAction? Visual Management for today’s media-rich networks
QoS Monitor QoS Configure IP SLA Flow LAN Routing A “best practice” approach for QoS, NetFlow, LAN, Routing and IP SLA using a patented, expert graphical interface. LiveAction provides a comprehensive end-to-end vision into miedia-rich networks Interactive QoS monitoring, configuration, and validation Expert, rules-based QoS Eliminate need for QoS command line interface Quickly visualize, test, and verify Real-time “event playback” forensic visualizations Comprehensive reporting and dashboards Cisco IVT certified Multi-step analysis and verification using QoS, NetFlow, Routing and IPSLA provides a “best-practice” approach incorporated with a patented expert graphical interface. Interactive QoS Visualization, Configuration, Monitoring and Validation Expert, rules-based QoS proactively identifies and corrects problems Eliminates need to use error-prone Command Line Interface Integrated NetFlow and IP SLA functionality for “through-the-network” flow visualization, response testing, and performance verification Real-time Monitoring and Alerting on policy issues Unique “Event Playback” forensic visualizations Comprehensive Reporting

3 LiveAction QoS Management
Fully Interactive QoS Monitoring and Configuration L3 QoS configuration Easy hierarchical policy creation and editing 10+ second period sampling Real-time monitoring NBAR2 application and category matching Full historical data Cisco best practice template wizards Policy adjustment on-the-fly Historical Reports Configuration View Real-Time Graphs Full QoS Editor ActionPacked!™_Presentation

4 LiveAction Flow Visualization
Visualize Traffic Across the Entire Network Down to a Single Flow System topology view End-to-end flow visualization Fast flow rates (500+ KFlows/sec) Real-time flow monitoring Medianet, mediatrace and performance monitor Application visibility and control (AVC) Performance Routing (PfR) Network Secure Event Logging (NSEL) Flow to ACL editor Full historical data and playback System Level Device Level Interface Level Historical Reports ActionPacked!™_Presentation

5 LiveAction LAN Features Visualize Trunk Interfaces, Port Channels, VLANs on Layer 2
System topology view VLAN path visualization Spanning tree visualization (soon) Real-time L2 monitoring L2 QoS Stats Find your endpoint via IP/MAC address System Level Real-time Monitoring L2 QoS Stats End Device Locator ActionPacked!™_Presentation

6 LiveAction Routing Features
Richly detailed Routing Layer Visualizations plus Interactive PBR System topology view Routing table visualization Policy base routing configuration OSPF/EIGRP status reports and visualization System Level Device Level Policy Based Routing Virtual Route Forward ActionPacked!™_Presentation

7 LiveAction IP SLA Features
Visual Network Testing and Performance Measurement Medianet IP SLA video operation Real-time monitoring Large scale SLA operation deployment with full system device configuration. Hub/Spoke Full Mesh Full historical data System Level Wizard Setup Tabular Results Graphical Results ActionPacked!™_Presentation

8 What Do Our Customers Say
What Do Our Customers Say? Visualization is overwhelmingly the most liked feature Features Used Most Frequently, Daily 86%—QoS monitoring 57%—QoS configuration 79%—NetFlow monitoring 40%—Routing monitoring and configuration 14%—IP SLA testing Visualization is Key “Able to monitor QoS issues and make changes when needed without extensive QoS configuration experience.” “Ease of use and visual feed back of what is actually happening on the network.” "Near real-time visibility of what is happening across the network at any time.” “Visual representation provides a logical and intuitive way to deal with many flows at once.” Our customers benefit from LiveAction’s unique approach to: Understand and fix system-wide QoS performance issues 100 times faster. Create and deploy new QoS policies ten times faster with consistent results Using our exclusive visualization technology, proactive QoS auditing is made practical using LiveAction’s hundreds of built-in rules to identify and correct problems. It’s no wonder that Jimmy Ray Purser from TechWiseTV gave LiveAction such a positive endorsement: “If you run or need to run QoS on your network, I could not possibly give any other product for QoS management a higher recommendation than LiveAction software.”

9 LiveAction Customer Testimonials
Jimmy Ray Purser Co-Host Cisco TechWise TV "Oh mercy do I love ActionPacked LiveAction!! Every engineer out there reading this blog should take a look at this product. I do not install or recommend a network design without including ActionPacked in the design. It is the absolute hands down best!" Joe Daniels Sr. Staff Network Analyst “I was just amazed that you could actually see the flows and classes and knew right then that I would need this as a tool to implement our QoS.” “It was like an inoculation against outages. Since we could readily see when something wasn’t right, we could correct problems before network interruptions occurred.” Roberto Hernandez AFB Systems Engineer “The easiest, most straightforward, and most informative” of any network management tool I have ever used.” Xavier Chapparo Network Engineer “Configuring QoS with command lines is very cumbersome and it’s easy to make a mistake and not realize it. LiveAction simplifies the process for creating and implementing policies and it also prevents errors.”

10 Contact: Steve Adams Director of Sales Phone +1 704 953 2269
QoS Monitor QoS Configure IP SLA Flow LAN Routing A “best practice” approach for QoS, NetFlow, LAN, Routing and IP SLA using a patented, expert graphical interface. Contact: Steve Adams Director of Sales Phone

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