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By Inquiry and By Popularity

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1 By Inquiry and By Popularity
NetBrain Top10 Features By Inquiry and By Popularity NetBrain Technologies Inc. 121 Middlesex Turnpike, Suite 100 Burlington, MA 01803 Tel: Note: Please run this PPT in full-screen mode to see animation

2 NetBrain Workstation is the first map-based troubleshooting and discovery solution. Using NetBrain, you should expect yourself a drastic improvement in productivity in the following areas: Network Discovery and Documentation Network Troubleshooting Network Change Verification Please join us in exploring the Top10 Features by Inquiry and the Top10 Features by Popularity. Top-10 Features By Inquiry Top-10 Features By Popularity

3 Top10 Features By Inquiry
Simulation Simulation Network Discovery Application Path Wizard Diagnostic Monitoring Design Reader 1 2 3 4 5 Data-driven Map 6 2 One-click Network Benchmark Network Discovery 7 3 IP SLA Analyzer Application Path Wizard 8 4 Routing Table Analysis Diagnostic Monitoring 9 5 10 Configuration Management Design Reader

4 1. Simulation Simulation engine computes routing table and traffic path based on configuration files. The supported technology includes Dynamic routing protocol, such as RIP, IGRP, EIGRP, OSPF and BGP. Traffic and route filtering with ACL Complex WAN topology such as MPLS When to Use Troubleshooting traffic path from configuration Analyze what-ifs

5 Device Infomation 2. Network Discovery When to use: Network assessment
Before and after network migration The generation-2 discovery engine has human-style intelligence, and excels in Depth: Discover not only L2/L3 topology, but also network design Speed: Reach the speed of 800 routers/switches per hour Visual Output Use Visio map or Q-map for output Inventory Report L2/L3 site map in Visio Annotated Design Device Infomation

6 3. Application Path Wizard
Enter two end points of an application, traffic path is mapped out across Live network, or Baselined network, or Simulated network When to use: Troubleshooting application problem Impact analysis of network outage or change

7 4. Diagnostic Monitoring
Troubleshoot slow application with one-click. Real-time data is collected and overlayed on top of map. Data analyzed includes Device or link up/down status CPU/Memory utilization Link utilization, delay and error When To Use: Troubleshooting slow application Performance benchmarking Top-talker Alarm Chart

8 Hundreds of Build-in Design Filters
5.Design Reader Design reader extrapolates detail design out of configuration files via customizable templates. Save time in troubleshooting and learn from best practices in design. When to use: Network Assessment Troubleshooting Hundreds of Build-in Design Filters

9 6. Data-driven Map NetBrain’s Q-map is driven by data discovered from network. You never need to manually annotate a map. When you share Qmaps, all data is reserved. When to use: Network documentation and collaboration

10 Use Appliance for Scalability
7. One-click Network Benchmark No more worry that you don't know what the network was like yesterday, last week. One-click in workstation, or have NetBrain Appliance recurringly benchmark the entire network. When to use: For comparative troubleshooting Network assessment Use Appliance for Scalability

11 8. IPSLA Analyzer When to use:
Metering your live network for VoIP readiness, or troubleshoot slow application, via Cisco router's IPSLA feature. When to use: VoIP assessment Advanced performance troubleshooting

12 9. Compare Routing Table Powered by Appliance
After configure change or network outage, you need this feature to figure out which network is impacted, which is not. * Troubleshoot network change * Impact analysis of network outage Powered by Appliance

13 10.Configuration Management
With built-in configuration management feature, it is always one-click away to find out which device's configure is changed and what has been changed When to use: Troubleshooting and Change Verification Powered by Appliance

14 Top10 Features By Popularity
Drag-and-drop mapping from configuration Mapping via Traceroute One-click Visio One-IP table for L2 connectivity Automated telnet/SSH 6 Top-talker drill-down Search Highlight Routing or VLAN Dynamic Zoom Instant Monitoring 2 7 Network Discovery Application Path Wizard Diagnostic Monitoring Design Reader 3 4 5 3 8 4 9 5 10

15 Drag-and-drop mapping from configuration
Drag-and-drop a configuration file or a folder with configuration files into NetBrain, workspace is built and maps are created. It enable engineers to take advantage of NetBrain in seconds When to use: Network assessment Describe network design

16 2. Mapping via Traceroute
Copy and paste trace route results into NetBrain, and map the traffic path with one-click. Use NetBrain’s built-in traceroute to analyze paths from multiple sources. When to use: Troubleshooting connectivity Map

17 3. One-click Visio Data-driven Qmap Visio map L3 Qmap L2 Qmap
From NetBrain’s data-driven Qmap to fully-annotated Visio map, it takes one-click. The annotation of design is driven by model as well. When to use: Document network Data-driven Qmap Visio map L3 Qmap L2 Qmap Visio map

18 4.One IP table for L2 connectivity
One-IP table, populated by auto-discovery, describes the physical connectivity between end hosts, switch, router and firewall in both table and map format. When to use: Inventory for data center migration L2 troubleshooting Drag-and-drop

19 5. Automated Telnet/SSH Enterprise network might have 10 sets of username/password for 1000 network devices. Addding things like jump-box and other security restriction, it can be tedious just to get to the command line of devices. Let NetBrain figure this out for you, and one-click you are in the command line interface. When to use: Troubleshooting Device setting describes how to reach a device, and is automatically populated

20 1 2 6. Top-talker Drill-down
After you see a high link-utilization, figuring out who are hogging the bandwidth is simple: Leverage Cisco router’s IP accounting and NetBrain’s visual display When to use: Troubleshooting overloaded link 1 2

21 7. Search Search for an IP address, or a MAC address, or which device has certain configure-let. The result is ready to be drag-and-dropped to a map. When to use: Troubleshooting Drag and drop

22 L3 L2 8. Highlight Routing or VLAN
Color code the L3 map to show routing design (BGP/IGP) and color code the L2 map to show the VLAN design, see below When to use: Network assessment Troubleshooting L3 L2

23 9. Dynamic Zoom in Map NetBrain’s Qmap encapsulates many network design data. To add or remove details in the map, simply zoom in or out. Intelligent layout ensures the map is always read-able. When to use: Understand network design Document Zoom in

24 10. Instant Monitoring From a map to a real-time performance diagnostic report, all it takes is one-click to launch the instant monitoring When to use Performance troubleshooting L3 L2

25 NetBrain integrates hundreds of powerful features around Q-map.
Install a copy to your desktop and see how it can boost your productivity instantaneously

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