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Who are we? We help clients discover their stories so they can create a love affair with their customers.

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2 Who are we? We help clients discover their stories so they can create a love affair with their customers.

3 What a brand is not Logo like Nike swoosh Color like IBM blue Tagline like takes a licking… Character like Ronald McDonald Employee uniforms like UPS man Coke bottles shape How Disney cast members treat guests What people think/know about Harley What RC is in relation to Coke

4 What a brand is Logo like Disneys signature Color like Mickeys shorts Tagline like Where magic lives Character like Mickey Mouse Employee costumes -Pirates of Caribbean Mickey head shaped everything How Disney cast members treat guests What consumers already know/think they know about Disney Their plot of land in the marketplace

5 Shorthand… Your brand is the shorthand that your customers, potential customers, employees and vendors use to describe you in their own minds. They arrive at this shorthand by observing both what you say AND what you consistently do.

6 In the good old days…

7 Why does branding matter? Everyone sells/does the same thing You can create/identify a brand to differentiate yourself Or you can just be the cheapest/generic one Which would you choose?

8 The brand as a beacon "Ultimately, strong branding is about using a brand as a beacon, as a compass, for determining the right actions, for staying the course, for evolving a culture, for inspiring a company to reach its full potential. Carly Fiorina, former CEO, Hewlett-Packard

9 The brand as an experience "The secret to our enduring brand lies in delivering an experience rather than just a collection of products and services. Harley-Davidson annual report

10 The brand as an asset "A company's brands are amongst its most valuable assets. Do you know how to manage, grow & value these market-based assets? DuPont internal training program

11 Its all three. Make a promise ….to create a consistent experience. To keep that promise … you have to re-think the way you do business. When you keep your promise … you create measurable value. You create preference.

12 Logo Colors Visuals Tagline Shared vision Shared purpose Efficient Effective Employee retention Client referrals

13 Shorthand… Volkswagen Bug Dodge Ram Volvo Sedan

14 Shorthand…

15 It begins with a conscious decision. Are you willing to do what it takes to be great? A company with a strong brand stands for something. Are you willing to say no? Its not about being small. Its about being narrow.

16 What do these brands have in common?

17 They inspire stories

18 Your brand should inspire stories

19 The power of storytelling They capture a moment of truth They are never ordinary moments They are viral They give the customer pride of ownership

20 But they dont happen by accident Scripted service Engineered experiences Passionate promises Singular stuff

21 Truths about brand storytelling #1 You tell the master story which will inspire other stories. Apple was created to free creative spirits…

22 Truths about brand storytelling #2 Your master story becomes like an echo chamber Nordstrom is all about personal service…

23 Truths about brand storytelling #3 Stories are not just told in words. When you walk into a Target store…

24 Truths about brand storytelling #4 Tell a truth that your competitors are denying and create buzz. Doves Real Beauty campaign...

25 So why doesnt everyone do it? Arrogance Ignorance Lack of follow through Superficial effort Start on the outside Dont know how Want to be everything to everyone

26 Are you bold enough to brand?

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