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Romeo and Juliet Forbidden Love and Family Loyalty.

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1 Romeo and Juliet Forbidden Love and Family Loyalty

2 Who is William Shakespeare? The Globe Theater

3 Who is William Shakespeare? Born in 1564 to John and Mary Arden Shakespeare 1582: Married to Anne 1583: Birth of Daughter Susanna 1585: Birth of twins: Judith and Hamnet 1587-1592: Established in London as actor/playwright; first work Comedy of Errors

4 Who is William Shakespeare? 1593: Begins writing sonnets (until 1597-ish) 1594-1596: Some more famous plays Romeo and Juliet and Midsummer Night’s Dream 1597-1608: Best known plays including the rest of the tragedies 1599: The Globe Theatre built 1609: Publication of the Sonnets April 23, 1616: Shakespeare dies

5 His Works Poetry o The Sonnets o The Rape of Lucrece Plays  Tragedies: Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, Macbeth  Comedies: Much Ado About Nothing  Histories: Richard III, Henry V

6 The Time Period Elizabethan Era The Renaissance Actors were men only o Men even played female roles! Plays were one of the main source of entertainment

7 Three Classifications of Shakespearean Drama: COMEDY HISTORY TRAGEDY

8 Romeo and Juliet is a… Tragedy

9 TRAGIC HERO Qualities of a Tragic Hero: Possesses high importance or rank Exhibits extraordinary talents Displays a tragic flaw—an error in judgment or defect in character—that leads to downfall Faces downfall with courage and dignity

10 BLANK VERSE Written like poetry But tells a story More free-flowing rules o doesn’t have a rhyme scheme or set number of lines, etc. Iambic Pentameter

11 Lines have a rhythm to them 10 syllables Pattern of stressed and unstressed syllables He JESTS at SCARS that NEV er FELT a WOUND But SOFT! what LIGHT through YON der WIN dow BREAKS?

12 SOLILOQUY AND ASIDE Soliloquy - Long speech given by a character while alone on stage to reveal his or her private thoughts or intentions Aside - Character’s quiet remark to the audience or another character that no one else on stage is supposed to hear

13 FOIL Foil: a character that contrasts with another character, usually the protagonist and, in so doing, highlights various facets (sides) of the main character's personality. A foil has some important characteristics in common with the other character. The author may use the foil to throw the character of the protagonist into sharper relief. (To see the character’s personality more clearly.) The term refers to the practice of putting polished foil underneath a gemstone to make it shine more brightly.

14 SONNET The term "sonnet" derives from the French word "sonet" and the Italian word "sonetto," both meaning "little song." By the 13 Century, it had come to signify a poem of fourteen lines that follows a strict rhyme scheme and specific structure. The writers of sonnets are sometimes referred to as sonnetters, although the term is sometimes used derisively. One of the most well known sonnet writers is Shakespeare, who wrote 154 sonnets.

15 COUPLET A couplet is a pair of lines of verse. It consists of two lines that usually rhyme and have the same meter.

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