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Qualifications Update: Physical Education Qualifications Update: Physical Education.

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1 Qualifications Update: Physical Education Qualifications Update: Physical Education

2 Key messages: PE Higher The Higher Physical Education Course will: build upon the skills, knowledge and understanding developed at National 5 provide clear progression from National 5 combine popular and relevant approaches and topics from the current Course as well as introducing updated content continue to be benchmarked against SCQF level 6 ensure that the level of demand for candidates is consistent with other Higher qualifications

3 Key messages: Units Hierarchical with National 3, 4 and 5 2 Units – Physical Education: Performance Skills  Learners will develop a broad and comprehensive range of complex movement and performance skills through a range of physical activities – Physical Education: Factors Impacting on Performance  Learners will consider how mental, emotional, social, and physical factors can influence effectiveness in performance

4 Key messages: Course Assessment Course assessment will consist of two components: Performance: 60 marks Question paper: 40 marks

5 Assessment Support Schedule 2013/14 Sept 13 CfE Update Letter Oct 13 Unit Assessment Support (Package 1) Feb 14 Unit Assessment Support (Package 2) Feb 14 Higher Specimen Question Paper Mar 14 Coursework General Assessment Information Apr 14 Unit Assessment Support (Package 3) May 14 Update Mandatory Documents Jul 14 Update Unit Assessment Support

6 Key messages Some clarification of mandatory content in CAS will be undertaken for Higher PE PE page on SQA website: Further information  ‘The four factors for Physical Education Courses’ (MESP table)  Common questions  Course and Unit Support Notes  Link to Education Scotland

7 Physical Education Unit Assessment at Higher

8 Unit assessment - recap Flexible and open Assessment Standards and Evidence Requirements in Units Greater range of techniques and methodologies for assessment – encouraged Assessments can be designed to provide evidence across more than one outcome or Unit – combined assessments More opportunities to gather naturally occurring evidence – assessment as part of learning and teaching

9 Unit Assessment Support purpose As at National 5, Assessment Support will be provided which you can use to: Assess your candidates Adapt for your own assessment programmes Help you develop your own assessments

10 Unit Assessment Support at Higher – key features Valid from August 2014 Complements and supports learning and teaching Assess competence against Unit Outcomes and Assessment Standards Designed to encourage professional judgement Provide broad-based tasks – allow assessors to choose appropriate context and forms of evidence Show range of approaches to generating assessment evidence Give information on the type of evidence which could be gathered

11 Unit assessment support packages at Higher - approaches Package 1 Unit by Unit approach – discrete assessment tasks for each Unit Package 2 Portfolio approach – naturally occurring evidence Package 3 Combined approach – groups Outcomes and Assessment Standards from different Units

12 Unit Assessment Support: Package 1

13 UASP - Package 1 Unit by Unit Approach: both Units are provided Look at one Unit as an example of the key aspects of the Higher UASPs: -Overview of Assessment section indicates the general requirements for the Unit -Use the Judging Evidence Table for information on making assessment judgements (column 3) and guidance notes for the specific assessment task (column 4) -Re-assessment: for individual Assessment Standards, but in a new context -Appendix 1: Instructions for candidates

14 Workshop Aims To understand the assessment and evidence requirements of the Unit Assessment Support for the Higher Units provided To consider a range of ways of generating evidence for the Higher Unit Assessment Support provided

15 Workshop Task In small groups of 2-3, choose one Unit to look at and discuss: the assessment task in the Unit Assessment Support provided how to generate evidence for the Unit Assessment Support provided how to make assessment judgments for the Unit Assessment Support provided

16 Physical Education Higher Course Assessment Physical Education Higher Course Assessment

17 Course Assessment at Higher Course Assessment at National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher assesses Added Value Courses at Higher are normally assessed by one or two Components Courses at Higher are graded A – D, as at present Controlled Assessment of setting, conducting and marking For Physical Education there are 2 Components – a performance and a question paper

18 Components of Course Assessment Performance – 60 marks – plan, perform, evaluate – internally marked by centres in line with SQA marking instructions, and verified by SQA. Question Paper – 40 marks – All questions mandatory: no options – 1 hour 30 minutes – externally marked by SQA

19 Course Assessment – Performance A single performance event (following the convention of event e.g. 3 throws, heats) 3 distinct parts Planning and preparation for the single event (8 marks) A single performance event (40 marks) Evaluation of the single event performance (12 marks) Performance Grade Table follows National 5

20 Course Assessment – Question paper Section 1 has three x 8 mark questions Questions sample from the following areas: – methods to collect information – approaches to develop performance – monitoring, recording and evaluation of performance

21 Course Assessment – Question paper Section 2 has one x 16 mark question Based on a scenario Samples from - performance development process All four factors affecting performance (MESP) will be assessed each year in either Section 1 or Section 2 Scenario will also offer candidates a choice of factor

22 Workshop 2: Aim To understand the requirements of Higher Course Assessments Materials provided: – FIOCA: Further Information on Course Assessment

23 Workshop 2: Task Following on from your discussion in Workshop 1, and using the materials provided, discuss: the requirements of the Higher Course Assessment how these requirements build on the Higher Units how these requirements build on National 5

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