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Qualifications Update: Higher English Qualifications Update: Higher English.

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1 Qualifications Update: Higher English Qualifications Update: Higher English

2 Units Outcomes are skills-based and provide flexibility and choice through contexts of literature, language and media Candidates study 2 Units: English: Analysis and Evaluation and English: Creation and Production Unit assessment support - illustrates assessment of the 4 language skills Builds knowledge and understanding and development of skills progressively from National 5 Course is assessed by: Question paper: Reading for Understanding, Analysis and Evaluation; Critical Reading Coursework: Portfolio - Writing Key messages – Higher English

3 Units develop skills in reading, listening, talking and writing using detailed and complex language Skills of analysis and evaluation Balance of skills in Course Assessment Some changes to Course Assessment to reflect level of demand and challenge Unit Assessment Support Packs – illustrate approaches to assessment through literature, language and media Key messages – Higher English

4 Partnership working Unit Assessment Support Specimen Question Paper Specimen Course Work Sub-QDT Principal Assessors Principal Verifiers Item Writers Subject Working Group Qualification Managers CfE TeamValidators Events feedback

5 Use valid and reliable assessments -SQA-produced Unit Assessment Support Packs -Centre devised assessments that have been prior verified -Your own assessments – strongly advise you have these prior verified Key messages Key messages from Verification (Round 1)

6 Making assessment judgements -SQA packs are designed on a pass/fail basis -Use Judging Evidence Tables to make assessment judgments against Assessment Standards -Judging Evidence Tables have commentary on how to meet each Assessment Standard -A task/activity can meet most or all of the Unit Outcome and Assessment Standards -Indicate on candidate’s work that Unit Assessment Standards have been met Key messages Key messages from Verification (Round 1)

7 Unit Assessment complementing learning and teaching -Unit Assessment is open and flexible -Assessment should allow you space to prepare for Added Value/Course Assessment Key messages Key messages from Verification (Round 1)

8 Assessment Support Schedule 2013/14 Sept 13 CfE Update Letter Oct 13 Unit Assessment Support (Package 1) Feb 14 Unit Assessment Support (Package 2) Feb 14 Higher Specimen Question Paper Mar 14 Coursework General Assessment Information Apr 14 Unit Assessment Support (Package 3) May 14 Update Mandatory Documents Jun 14 Update Unit Assessment Support

9 English Unit Assessment at Higher

10 Unit Assessment - Recap Flexible and open Assessment Standards and Evidence Requirements in Units Greater range of techniques and methodologies for assessment – encouraged Assessments can be designed to provide evidence across more than one outcome or Unit – combined assessments More opportunities to gather naturally occurring evidence – assessment as part of learning and teaching

11 Unit Assessment Support Purpose Assess your candidates Adapt for your own assessment programmes Help you develop your own assessments As at National 5, Assessment Support will be provided which you can use to:

12 Unit Assessment Support Key Features Valid from August 2014 Complements and supports learning and teaching Assess competence against Unit Outcomes and Assessment Standards Designed to encourage professional judgement Provide broad-based tasks - allow assessors to choose appropriate context and forms of evidence Show range of approaches to generating assessment evidence Give information on the type of evidence which could be gathered

13 Unit assessment support packages at Higher - approaches Package 1 Unit by unit approach discrete assessment tasks for each Unit Package 2 Combined approach groups Outcomes and Assessment Standards from different Units Package 3 Combined approach groups Outcomes and Assessment Standards from different Units

14 Unit Assessment Support Pack 1 (October 2013) Reading and Listening Poetry - Seamus Heaney ‘At a Potato Digging’ literature, TED talk on famine Both individual tasks with questions Writing and Talking Essay and talk on a chosen conspiracy theory Non-fiction

15 Making Assessment Judgements Judging Evidence Tables The ‘fourth column’ Re-assessment

16 UASP 2 (February 2014) Reading and Writing Reading passage on gender – non-fiction Written piece on gender (choice of tasks) Listening and Talking Drama - Othello group discussion -literature, theme of jealousy

17 UASP 3 (April 2014) Reading and Talking Non-fiction piece Individual talk Listening and Writing Media context – film extract Creative writing task

18 Workshop Task Using the materials provided, in small groups of 2-3, discuss: the assessment task in the Unit Assessment Support provided how to generate evidence for the Unit Assessment Support provided how to make assessment judgments for the Unit Assessment Support provided

19 Additional Workshop Task Using the materials provided, in small groups, discuss: Your ideas for other suitable reading and listening texts for Pack 1 Your ideas for other themes for writing and talking for Pack 1 Please write your suggestions on ‘Post-its’ and place on the suggestion board for others to see

20 English Higher Course Assessment

21 Course Assessment at Higher Course Assessment at National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher assesses Added Value Courses at Higher are normally assessed by one or two Components Courses at Higher are graded A – D, as at present Controlled Assessment of setting, conducting and marking For English there are 2 Components – a question paper and a portfolio

22 Higher – Question Paper (1) Set, conducted and marked by SQA Question paper in two parts: 1. Reading for Understanding, Analysis and Evaluation Two non-fiction passages – questions on the first passage, – one question assessing the candidate’s skills in inferencing and summarising which will look at both passages 1 hour 30 minutes - 30 marks

23 Higher - Question Paper (2) 2.Critical Reading Consists of two sections: Section 1 - A Scottish text paper (extract from each specified writer) which has questions on the extract/poem and final question worth 10 marks which assesses wider knowledge of the writer (20 marks) Section 2 - A Critical Essay paper on Drama, Prose, Poetry, Film and Television Drama and Language (20 marks) 1 hour 30 minutes – total 40 marks

24 Higher – Portfolio Setting; internally generated, externally assessed Portfolio - writing Two pieces:  one broadly creative (15 marks)  one broadly discursive (15 marks) Approximately 1300 words each (depending on genre)

25 Additional Workshop Task Look at the final question for one of the Scottish writers you know well. 3 possible points of comparison have been given in the marking instructions. What others can you think of?Discuss this with 2 or 3 others in your group.

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