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Cosmo™ Player installation

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1 Cosmo™ Player installation
Download installation file from site: Nothing special for installation beside a question about “unsupported software”. That question MUST be answered ‘YES’ and Internet Explorer MUST be ticked on the next dialog.

2 options in preferences
Close Cosmo A plot of rutile clicking on an atom with the seek function magnifies the image and makes that atom the centre of rotation if an ugly message appears upon closing Cosmo, play with options in preferences current viewpoint zoom rotate pan seek preferences pick viewpoint

3 To get a full screen drawing
(1) Click view and then “Full screen” on the pull-down menu (2) Clicking on the triangle will get the tool band to disappear

4 Getting out of the full-screen mode
To see the regular menus at the top, bring the cursor to about here Full screen mode gives high resolution on screen copies To see again the tool band Click on the little triangle

5 (1) Hold down <ALT> while depressing <PRINT SCREEN>
To save a plot screen to e.g. PowerPoint (1) Hold down <ALT> while depressing <PRINT SCREEN> (2) In PowerPoint, hold down <CTRL> while depressing “V”. To edit the plot e.g. add lettering, do the above, but in MS PAINT. The plot can then be saved in a variety of formats

6 the plot is being displayed. Failing that, the file will
To capture a VRML file for later 3D viewing, rename this file while the plot is being displayed. Failing that, the file will be deleted upon closing the plot window.

7 If Internet Explorer questions the wisdom of opening
VRML plot files from your own hard disk, click on “Tools”, then “Internet options”, “Advanced”, tick the checkbox as shown below and depress “Apply”.

8 END of CosmoPlayer tutorial

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