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an innovative solution by central control

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1 an innovative solution by central control
Questor an innovative solution by central control

2 Questor, innovative security solution
The Questor high security lock is born out of a customer need to prevent frauds by modern organized delinquency With its innovative operating mode, the lock increases security for live and valuables significantly But the main task the Questor is to remote control the opening authorization of safes giving a full and centralized traceability. Its simplicity in usage results in saving a large amount of money for servicing and operation

3 Questor, innovative security solution
Grief with keys? … then, its you we’re addressing!

4 Questor, innovative security solution
And what about codes? Are they always kept secret? Are they changed regularly? Is the coding secure enough? When codes are not needed, are they always being erased? Does every code really belong to only one user?

5 QUESTOR Questor, innovative security solution Patent pending

6 Questor, innovative security solution
OTC, the right solution! OTC means <One Time Combination> OTC codes can only be used once An OTC code is not valid for a second opening anymore Generated OTC codes change every time Once used, the OTC code expires

7 Questor, innovative security solution
QUESTOR uses ICS! ICS means <Interactive Code System> ICS uses OTC codes ICS requires the user to be on site at the lock ICS is a new Kaba security concept

8 Operating modes The QUESTOR lock has two operating modes
Mode Interactive Code System Standard (bank) mode The lock can operate in either one or the other mode but never in both modes at the same time!

9 Interactive Code System
Interactive Code System operating mode... Requires a dispatching center (or computer) Controls lock openings by remote Does not require any wiring to the lock at all Allows a total traceability of all events

10 Dispatching center The dispatching center consists of... A computer
Management software Electronic protection keys (USB dongles)

11 ICS mode ICS mode works... At the dispatching center, users and locks are registered Each lock is identified by its unique serial number Users are identified by a four digits ID User IDs can be created, changed and deleted at any time by the dispatching center

12 ICS mode ICS mode works... At the lock, the user inserts its four digits ID The lock answers with a question which the user transmits to the dispatching center After the introduction of the question in the management software, a One Time Opening Combination (OTC) is issued by the software When the lock is closed again, the Questor generates a close seal which must be transmitted to the dispatching center

13 ICS example examples for ICS mode operation:
At the dispatching center, in the management software, mister Smith has the user ID 6053 dispatching center Mister Smith, 6053

14 ICS example The lock is waiting for a user ID input...

15 ICS example At the lock, the user inserts its unique user ID
Identification Mister Smith, 6053 input 6053

16 ICS example The lock displays a request code (question)
Mister Smith, 6053

17 ICS example The lock is in count down, waiting for the input of the opening code lock displays count down for code entry maximum 2`30``

18 ICS example During this time, mister Smith transmits the question to the dispatching center dispatching center Mister Smith

19 ICS example The dispatching center returns a one time valid opening combinations (OTC) dispatching center Mister Smith answer

20 ICS example Mister Smith inserts the opening combination into the lock
Mister Smith 222222 <ENTER>

21 ICS example programmable from 1’ to 99’
If the opening combination is valid, the lock starts the counting down the opening time delay and then opens programmable from 1’ to 99’

22 ICS example After the lock has been closed again, it will automatically display a close seal lock displays close seal

23 ICS example Mister Smith transmits the close seal to the dispatching center dispatching center Mister Smith

24 ICS example programmable from 1’ to 99’
The lock automatically blocks itself for a specified period of time („non return time delay“) programmable from 1’ to 99’

25 ICS example If under duress, mister smith can modify the procedure of inserting his user ID User Identification Mister Smith, 6053 6053 <ENTER>

26 ICS example The lock answers, like normal, by displaying a request code (question). The system is aware of the duress situation. Mister Smith

27 ICS example By remote, a one time valid combination with duress time delay is dispatched Mister Smith

28 ICS advantages ICS mode has the following advantages
Dispatch an opening combination only in interaction with the dispatching center The opening combination is limited in time Silent alarms for duress or attack are transmitted to the dispatching center Full traceability of all events in the lock and at the dispatching center

29 electronic identifiers
ICS advantages The QUESTOR concept does not use: keys electronic identifiers wires

30 Standard mode « standard » mode
Operates like a standard electronic combination lock Different access levels (master, manager, user) Time delays, opening windows Porgrammable in- and outputs Audit (event memory) with > 4’800 lines

31 Codes

32 Display Large iconographic display : time functions delays codes audit
date / time miscellaneous lock status text battery status format AM/PM attention !

33 Technical specifications
A few technical specifications : Bolt and motor position controlled by infrared sensors Low power consumption Perpetual clock Integrated alarm connections Bolt manipulation detection

34 Technical specifications
A few more technical specifications : Dual mode operation (4-eyes) Opening counter Silent alarm Two level audio signal (beeper) Door contact input

35 Programming + Programming by lock keypad or software
Activation by software +

36 Features Based on the SL 525, the QUESTOR offers: Motorized bolt
Standard size (magic module) Large display Multiple languages facilities And lots of other functions

37 Summer / winter time change
Automated daylight saving time

38 Installation The QUESTOR is appropriate for all safes weapons fire ATM
pharmaceuticals Dispatch Center key deposit safe drop safe private

39 Applications For Cash In Transit companies

40 Applications For local and federal police branches

41 Applications For military applications

42 Applications For security companies

43 Applications For secret services

44 Certifications Questor is certified by : a product of

45 Key facts QUESTOR is based upon : A new KABA security philosophy
A new, unique operating mode A significant increase in security Big reduction in cost of ownership High level of security

46 Authorize and control the access to all your safes by remote, without any wire, thanks to

47 Thank you for your attention

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