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Vacation Planning Planning Ahead to Save Time and Money To begin, click on the blue arrow:

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1 Vacation Planning Planning Ahead to Save Time and Money To begin, click on the blue arrow:

2 Introduction Planning a get-way vacation can be tedious. Certain planning before you leave will ensure everyone has a trip to remember. This is an interactive, self-paced guide to aid you, the trip planner, with decisions that need to be made before you leave. Click on the buttons to navigate your way through the presentation

3 Dates & Timing The best time to vacation is either before or after the peak season However, if you start planning, at least a year in advance, transportation, equipment, tours and all of the extras will be less expensive Last minute reservations and planning can get EXPENSIVE

4 Budget – Equipment - Transport Budget – Establish a budget to avoid over spending Equipment – Identification: Passports are best (allow 3 month for processing) – Consider the follow…: Hiking shoes – your feet will thank you What do I need to take with me? Is it cheaper to rent equipment ? If I buy it, will I use it again? Transportation – Airline tickets are cheaper if made in advance Reservation made from 4 weeks are less, WILL COST YOU MORE. – Car for all or some of the trip – Taxi, Bus, Public Transportation (PT) PT may be less expensive if you can purchase a pass, in advance

5 Taking Care of the Homestead House Have a neighbor house sit Turn on some light Possible with a timer Pick up your mail During the summer, need to water the plants You want to make sure the house appears to be lived in If it looks like you are away, the mice WILL play.

6 Resources Budget Planning – Try Trip Planning – Consider using a travel agent –,, Check lists – Try for ideas

7 Theme Consider what type of vacation you want to take: Click on the HYPERLINKS to move through the rest of the PowerPoint RelaxingAdventureSite Seeing BeachCampingDestinations CruiseTrekkingTours CabinExploring

8 Beach Consider your options: – A remote beach Hawaii Caribbean Bahamas Australia – Something a little closer Nearby lake Gulf of Mexico US East Coast US West Coast Back to THEME page

9 Cruises Fun on the Seas Family – Carnival cruises are themed for younger travelers Clubs allow you to drop off children to be entertained for the day (on the boat of course) They also have adult things to do as well, such as comedy clubs, shows, gambling and the list goes on – Disney cruises Great for families with younger children (12 and under) Adults – Norwegian, RoyalCaribbean & Princess These cruise lines are for those who have retired or in need of a get away (without the kids) Additional information –,, and the list goes on Cost – Certain cruises go to different places that require extra money – Research the cruise lines ports of call and make reservations early – A little known fact is that gratuities are added to your final bill, extra tipping is EXTRA – How are you getting there? Parking? Taxi? – Extras Drinks, Activities, excursions, dining Back to THEME page

10 Cabins Bring your things, move in and enjoy Back to THEME page Cabins come in all shapes and sizes Cabins can be rented, fully equipped with kitchen and you name it. All you have to do is move in Some cabins are just empty shells, you bring your own items Consider the following to help guide you: Tips and Tricks to Cabin Camping: Cabin Camping

11 Camping Pitch a tent in the great outdoors Basics – Food How will you cook the food you bring? – Water Will potable water be available, if not, how will I supply – Shelter What type of tent will I need Sleeping equipment – Clothing Consider the season and dress appropriately Other items – Know what type of animals will be in your environment – Let family and friends know where you will be going and for how long Back to THEME page

12 Trekking Exploring sites not seen from your vehicle Prepare yourself physically before you go – Don’t assume that you can hike 10 miles – Backpacks can get heavy Equipment – Research what type of equipment that you will need (tents, sleeping bag) Research – Ask questions from experienced people – Consider having a guide – Make sure that people know where you are going Itineraries – make one give it to someone; just in case Back to THEME page

13 Exploring I have always wanted to go there… First, decide where to go for your vacation Need a little help deciding? – Try this website to give you some direction – Type in what type of exploration you want to go on – This website will ask questions about what type of experience you want Back to THEME page

14 Destinations Great cities await for you to see Have some place in mind? Somewhere you always wanted to visit? This website can help with popular destinations, deal and trip ideas – Another idea resource… – Back to THEME page

15 Tours Pre-packaged trips to choose from Tours and tour packages can help with planning such as – Travel/transportation – Getting you there and help when you ARE there – Varying in cost, tour packages exist for everyone’s budget – Resources: Back to THEME page

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