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Sumaya S. Br.Nassry Mohammad 9th Grade Girls

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1 Sumaya S. Br.Nassry Mohammad 9th Grade Girls
Question: How are human actions contributing to global warming? HELP PREVENT PLANET EARTH FROM GLOBAL WARMING!

2 What is Global warming? Global Warming is the increase of Earth's average surface temperature due to effect of greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide emissions from burning fossil fuels or from deforestation, which trap heat that would otherwise escape from Earth. This is a type of greenhouse effect.

3 Why does global warming happen and how?
Global Warming occurs when Carbon dioxide , water vapor, nitrous oxide, and methane trap the light and heat given off by the sun. this causes the earth’s temperature to rise. Since the temperature rises on earth many animals , plants , and even humans die because they can not take the change. Picture: can show you how Global Warming Is caused.

4 Human actions contributing to global warming.
Humans have been using more fossil fuels this year than the last. Fossil fuels cause too much carbon dioxide in the air which traps sunlight from leaving earth’s atmosphere. Ways that humans cause global warming: 1- Driving your car : when you are driving your car to work, the supermarket or the mall this requires a huge amount of fossil fuels. These fuels have been burning carbon for many years and when your car burns them they are instantly released as carbon dioxide into the air. 2-Deforestaion: ---- Reduction in the area covered by forests is due to human activities. Forests have been a source of food and materials. They have been removed to create land for agriculture, settlement, transport and industry. In some places, forests are depleted and destroyed to the extent that plants and animals become endangered or extinct. tress help absorb carbon dioxide because they need it in a process called Photosynthesis. When humans cut down forests in order to make factories and homes they are just harming themselves. This causes and extremely tremendous amount of carbon dioxide in the air.

5 How are humans , animals , and plants affected by Global Warming?
*Now a days marmots end there hibernations earlier compared to 30 years ago. All plant species are severely hurt by Global Warming. *Later on in life humans will be affected by this because sea level will rise and most land will disappear. the higher the temperature gets the less amount of rainfall the plants will receive. *fish are moving northward to the ocean in search of cooler water, and polar bears are much thinner than before and aren’t healthy. *The climate change due to global warming and will bring natural disasters.

6 Graphs showing how global warming increased !
Picture one: shows how the percentage of carbon dioxide increased from Picture two: compares the average surface temperature to carbon dioxide level.

7 How can kids make a difference?
If every kid on earth plants a tree near there home that CAN make a difference in global warming. -Plant a tree : trees take in carbon dioxide which reduces carbon dioxide in the air. -Instead of letting your parents drive you to school take the bike or carpool with friends. Cars let out a lot of gas emissions, one in a while try to go to school on bike and if not ask someone’s parent to pick you up, instead of using two cars just use one.

8 How to prevent global warming?
This might be tough but if you try really hard and put your mind to it I am sure you will make it =) -Reduce, Reuse, Recycle -Use Less Heat and Air Conditioning -change a light bulb -Drive less and drive smart - Buy Energy-Efficient Products -use less hot water -Use the "Off" Switch -plant a tree


10 REMINDER: Always remind your parents to use the car less
Try to carpool with others friends or let friends carpool with you. Put posters up at school or at your library to remind others the importance of saving earth from global warming

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