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Quantitative (Research) Methods

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1 Quantitative (Research) Methods
Welcome to Quantitative (Research) Methods MBA / EAM Peter Schmidt Spring 2013 -> MBA QM

2 Quantitative (Research) Methods
WHY study Quantitative (Research) Methods What‘s it about ?

3 Why?

4 Learning Targets Academic Research Quantitative Methods
structure and format of academic work (Literature sources) Quantitative Methods Dealing with data Theoretical models Practical experience (in Excel and SPSS) Helpful tools for your daily work

5 “The Business Research Process”
Cooper / Schindler

6 Who am I Peter Schmidt Economics & Statistics
ZEW Zentrum für Europäische Wirtschaftsforschung - Mannheim market . research . culture markt . forschung . kultur 1 1

7 You are highly motivated students 
have to carry your individual workload:

8 Contents Introduction(s) Quantitative Research Methods Lecturer
Students Let’s get started

9 Language ? Microsoft XL Oder „Winzigweich Besonders groß“ ?

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