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What is meant by peer review? (2 marks)

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1 What is meant by peer review? (2 marks)
Starter Questions… What is meant by peer review? (2 marks) Explain why peer review is an important aspect of the scientific process. (4 marks)


3 Define and Evaluate all types of METHODS
Peer Mark Homework Understand how we can test and improve reliability of a study

4 Study Methods Laboratory
A study in an environment where variables are tightly controlled Field Any study carried out outside the lab, but where the IV is still deliberately manipulated Natural The environment and IV are naturally occurring

5 Study Methods continued…
Observation Naturalistic: in a natural environment, everything is left as normal Controlled: Some variables are controlled by the researcher Participant: The researcher takes part and observes from a Pps PoV Non-participant: The researcher watches the Pps from outside

6 Study Methods continued…
Questionnaires: A set of questions designed to investigate a topic Interviews: A structured or unstructured set of Qs that are delivered face-to-face Case studies: the study of an individual, small group or event, usually using information from a range of sources

7 Study Designs 1. Remember an example of a Lab, Field and Natural
2. Look up two advantages and two disadvantages for each design

8 Peer Mark Prep & Hand it

9 So we will know… 2 Types of Reliability How do we test them And how to improve reliability

10 Being reliable and how to be even more reliable!!
We should be able to observe something time and time again and get the same results… So… How do we do this?

11 Types of Reliability The one you already know!! External Reliability Getting the same results every time Test 1: Test-retest Test 2: Results correlation High Correlation coefficient = good reliability Low Correlation coefficient = low reliability

12 Types of Reliability Internal Reliability Consistency within a test
Test 1: Split half method Compare one half of the test with another Test 2: Inter- or Intra- Observer test Comparing 1 psychologists observations over time Comparing 2 psychologists observations of the same event

13 Improving Reliability
Take more than one measure from Pps Pilot studies Training observers (improving inter-rater reliability) Careful entry of data

14 Exam Questions Replication is one feature of the scientific method. The psychologists decided to replicate this experiment using a larger sample of 250 inexperienced drivers. Explain why replication of this study would be useful. (3 marks) June 13


16 20 mins work – 10 mins peer mark!
June 2012 20 mins work – 10 mins peer mark!

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