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Sharman S. Brooks Senior Planner 205.620.6628 Kristine Goddard, AICP Principal Planner 205.620.6612

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1 Sharman S. Brooks Senior Planner 205.620.6628 Kristine Goddard, AICP Principal Planner 205.620.6612 Shelby County Department of Development Services

2 Development Services The Shelby County Department of Development Services provides services to the citizens of Shelby County including planning, land development, building, fire safety, floodplain and stormwater management and permit coordination.

3 Planning Services  Serves as advisors for the Shelby County Planning Commission.  Responsible for the administration and enforcement of the County's Land Development Regulations.  Staff process zoning applications, review subdivision plats, review site development plans, sign permits, ABC applications, and the location of wireless telecommunication facilities.  Responsibilities also include the review of all building permit applications for compliance with development regulations and other County regulations.  Planning Services also assist municipalities in the preparation of comprehensive plans, zoning ordinances, subdivision regulations, flood damage prevention ordinances, land disturbance ordinances, and other plans and projects through agreements.

4 Land Development Regulations & Enforcement  Subdivision Regulations are designed and intended to address the physical attributes of land development, such as street and roadway design and dimensions, block size and scale, infrastructure and site drainage issues.  Associated Regulations  Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance  Regulations For Manufactured Home Communities  Zoning Regulations

5 Types of Subdivisions  Administrative Subdivision (Minor Subdivision)  Five Lots or Less  Resurveys of previously recorded lots (no new lots created)  Family Subdivisions  Non-Administrative Subdivisions (Major Subdivision)  Five Lots or more  Rural Subdivisions  Conventional Subdivisions (Master Plans, Preliminary Plats)  Conservation Subdivisions (Master Plans, Preliminary Plats)  Form-based Subdivisions (Concept Plan, Master Plan, Regulating Plan, Final Development Plan)

6 Meet early. Meet often.

7 ALL divisions are reviewed!  First Splits  Acreage Splits  Mortgage Splits  Family Splits  Resurveys  Vacations of easements

8 Application Process  Pre-application  Have you talked to a Planner?  Will you need a pre-application meeting?  What type of subdivision is required?  Do you have an owner affidavit if you are not the applicant?  Is the property located within a municipality?  What is the zoning?  Does this subdivision require Planning Commission approval?

9  Application  Completed Subdivision Application form (or applicable application form)  Five (5) copies of the subdivision plat (or survey as required for zoning action)  Must include: notes, sight distance, flood plain, signature blocks and location map  Application fee: $50/lot +APO fee  Property owner affidavit, Family Subdivision affidavit  County Review  Initial comments within 4-6 weeks  May require additional outside agency review  May require additional submittal  Final review letter  Record map **No Early Permit Releases**

10  Planning Commission/Public Hearing  Agenda deadlines (Subdivision and Regulatory)  Consideration of stormwater drainage  “Applicant” must be present  Staff Presentation to Planning Commission  Public Comment  Resolution of action

11 Other Regulatory Actions that Require a Survey  Building Permit  Pool Construction  Rezoning  Variance  Conditional Use  Site Plan

12  Development Services  Regulatory Documents  Applications  Agendas  Online Maps  How to search  Layers  Printing

13 Contact Us Christie Pannell-Hester Planning Services Supervisor Sharman Brooks Senior Planner Kristine Goddard, AICP Principal Planner Eric Womack Principal Planner Josh Johnson Planner Charles Wright Land Development Inspector Chad Scroggins Manager Shelby County Department of Development Services Planning Services 1123 County Services Dr. Pelham, AL 35124 Phone: 205-620-6650 Fax 205-620-6630 Hours Monday-Friday 8:00 am – 4:30 pm

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