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Subdivision Plat Submittals Subdivision Plat Submittals Wichita - Sedgwick County Metropolitan Area Planning Department.

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1 Subdivision Plat Submittals Subdivision Plat Submittals Wichita - Sedgwick County Metropolitan Area Planning Department

2 Agenda  Subdivision Committee Meeting Calendar  Filing a Complete Application for Approval  Submitting a Complete Plat  Sketch Plat  Preliminary Plat  Final Plat  Signs  Fee Calculation

3 Subdivision Committee Meeting Calendar  Available end of December  Included in Subdivision Application Packet  About 23 meetings a year  Closing dates: 17 days prior to Subdivision meeting at noon

4 Fee Calculation  Based on number of lots for Residential plats  Based on acreage for Non-Residential plats  Based on combination of lots and acres for Residential/Non-Residential plats

5 Fee Calculation (cont’d)  Final portion of overall Preliminary plat  Revised plat fee  Replat as condition of zone change  Payable within 7 days  Small Tract plat – 5 lots with no new streets; 10 ac. for residential; 5 ac. for non- residential  Preliminary plat fee same as One-Step plat

6 Sign  Up 13 days prior to Subdivision meeting  Primary street frontage visible to motorists  Courtesy to neighbors

7 Filing a Complete Application  City vs. County  General location  Gross size, no. of lots, minimum area  Owner’s signature  Pre-application conference if controversial  New streets  Zoning: existing and proposed  Tax control number

8 Submitting a Complete Plat  Associated CUP drawings, conditional use site plans  Minimum scale 1:100; 1:200 if over 100 acres  Maximum size 24 x 36  Disk for GIS  40 folded copies

9 Sketch Plat  Distribution to City or County Engineering, Water/Sewer or County Code, Traffic Engineering  Letter sent within 3 weeks  5 copies OR  40 copies  Review by Subdivision Committee

10 Preliminary Plat Existing Conditions  Date, north point and scale  “Preliminary Plat” title  Vicinity map  Name of plat  Name on plat that matches application name VICINITY MAP 69 TH ST. NO. 53 RD ST. NO. WEST ST. MERIDIAN AVE. SEC. 13, T26S, R1W SITE

11  Existing zoning/proposed zoning  Associated zone case, conditional use or CUP  Existing driveway locations on property, abutting property and property across street  Legal description  Adjoining plat name or owner’s name Preliminary Plat (cont’d) Existing Conditions

12  Easements (access easement and pipeline easement documents)  Topographical survey  FEMA mapped 100-year floodplain  Streets within or adjacent to plat (ROW width)  Natural features e.g. lakes, tree rows Preliminary Plat (cont’d) Existing Conditions

13  Existing sanitary sewers, storm sewers, water lines, pipelines, gas lines, underground wiring on property or adjoining streets  Tax parcel map for County plats denoting existing ownership pattern  Existing structures denoting those to be removed Preliminary Plat (cont’d) Existing Conditions

14 Preliminary Plat Proposed Subdivision Plat  Proposed easements  Lots (dimensions, lot area, lot numbers)  Setback lines (optional)  Drainage concept  New streets (ROW width, names)  Access controls

15 Final Plat  Date, scale, north point, legend  Legal description  Tie points to section corners or platted lot corners  Tract boundary lines  Name of plat  Lot lines with dimensions

16 Final Plat (cont’d)  Existing easements with recording information or referenced in plattor’s text if proposed  Lot and block numbers  Setback lines (optional)  Street ROW widths, centerlines and names for new or existing streets within and adjacent to plat

17  Reserve language in plattor’s text  Certifications of owner, mortgagor, surveyor, MAPC, County surveyor, City Council for City plat or 3-mile ring, County Commissioners for County plats, County Clerk, Register of Deeds  Title work  Minimum building pads established Final Plat (cont’d)

18 Final Plat Tracing  Supporting documents  Submitted at least 2 weeks prior to City Council meeting  Closure computations  Mylar and 4 copies  CD  Title work  Check for recording

19 Frequent Subdivision Problems

20 Commercial Plat








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