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Affirmative Action – A Strategy to Build a Diverse Workforce June, 2009.

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1 Affirmative Action – A Strategy to Build a Diverse Workforce June, 2009

2 Building Diversity Strategy Diversity Vision: The University of Connecticut Health Center will be an institution where the best practices of building, valuing and managing a diverse workforce and student body are fully implemented, operationally successful and continually improved.

3 How Does Affirmative Action Help to Build Diversity ? Goals by race/ gender are set for job groups that are under-utilized according to census data. Goals are set for hiring and promoting. Managers are rated on Affirmative Action to ‘demonstrate knowledge, commitment, design implement and monitor action plans ‘

4 Goals are calculated for job groups. Utilizing Job Group – 3F – Research with 11 titles that all have the same goals. One of the hiring goals is 23 Other Males. 1. Identify a relevant labor market area, people available for work (Statewide). 2. Utilize data sources to determine the specific availability for Other Males in CT (13.0%). 2000 Connecticut Census 2007 CT Department of Labor, CT Data for Affirmative Action Plans UCHC Full Time Promotable Pool Example- Goal Calculation

5 Goal Calculation Example 3. Calculate the percent of Other Males in the job group - Research. 4. Compare the 13.0% availability to the percent of our workforce in the job group Research for Other Males. 5. If the percentage of Other Males in our workforce is less than 13.0% than a goal would be set. 6. Calculations showed we were under utilized by 23 Other Males. 7. Twenty-three (23) Other Male goals were set.

6 Goals Goals are updated quarterly They can be found on our website at goals.html. goals.html

7 Additional Elements - Affirmative Action Plan Communicate to all employees the Health Center’s Affirmative Action, Non-Discrimination, and Equal Opportunity Policy and commitment. Quantitative and Qualitative Analyses  Set the Goals according to available pool and workforce.  Evaluate for Equal Employment Opportunity in all transactions.

8 Elements of an Affirmative Action Plan Continued Set action plans based on analyses of the employment process. Action Plans regarding:  Job Descriptions  Recruitment  Candidate Evaluation  Selection Process

9 How Hiring Managers Can Help Build Diversity and Support Affirmative Action Know the demographic make-up and skills of your team. Discuss development and career goals with your employees ? Know the affirmative action goals of the open job titles. What are the goals for positions you hire or promote into ? Help to bring qualified goal candidates through * referrals * networking * associations * memberships Who can provide referrals ? What organizations can I join?

10 How Hiring Managers Can Help ….. Commit to interviewing qualified goal candidates. If there are no qualified goal candidates consider re-posting and reviewing the position description. Collaborate with Human Resources to ensure a diverse pool of qualified goal candidates. Review recruitment sources with Human Resources. Check to make sure that the evaluation process is objective. All candidates should be subject to the same evaluation steps and asked the same questions in an interview.

11 We Need You to Help Build Diversity and Support Affirmative Action Review with your team the Health Center commitment to diversity and affirmative action Did you explain your expectations? Do you reinforce this with your staff? Managerial/ Confidential Employee Evaluation Includes an Affirmative Action Rating Category: Did the manager fill any open positions? Did the manager know the Affirmative Action hiring/promotional goals? Did the manager identify potential sources of goal candidates? Did the manager participate in outreach activities? Did the manager identify internal career mobility opportunities? Did the manager consider/select goal candidates? If not, why not? Did the manager review UCHC diversity mission and affirmative action commitment with the staff? Does the manager support employee participation in AAP events? Does the manager cooperate with ODE and HR on issues of discrimination?

12 Current Year 2009-2010 AAP Priorities Monitor and identify recruitment methods and sources that meet good fait affirmative action standards. Develop recruitment plans with specific targetetd strategies for recruitment of qualified goal applicants. Develop a search committee process for faculty, director and above positions. Critique the interview process for objective and standardized procedures. Train search committee members in objective, job related, equal employment opportunity candidate evaluation and selection procedures.

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