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Renewing Our Commitment to Diversity and Affirmative Action UCHC ACTION PLAN April 2006.

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1 Renewing Our Commitment to Diversity and Affirmative Action UCHC ACTION PLAN April 2006

2 2 Affirmative Action/Equal Employment Opportunity In Connecticut it’s the law –Affirmative Action Plan to be developed and implemented each year (July to June). The development and implementation is guided by the state’s affirmative action regulations C.G.S. section 46a-68-31- 74, adopted in 1984, which establishes procedures to be used by State agencies as they pursue and report their affirmative action activity. –The Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities (CHRO) is responsible for and has enforcement authority for the state’s affirmative action, equal employment opportunity and civil rights statutes.

3 3 In Connecticut it’s the law continued –Each fall we submit our Affirmative Action Plan to CHRO for review and approval. –Our current affirmative action plan was approved on January 12, 2006 –Last year’s plan was disapproved, this will not happen again. Affirmative Action/Equal Employment Opportunity

4 4 It’s the right thing to do –Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) means: Recognized as a “best business practice” Means providing employment and promotional opportunities solely on the basis of job-related skills, ability, merit, and potential; without regards to race color gender religious creed marital status national origin ancestry disability sexual orientation genetic information criminal record age

5 5 It’s the right thing to do continued Affirmative Action is a proactive Equal Employment Opportunity tool that sets goals for the under represented race/sex categories in our workforce. Such goals exist when the current job group employee base does not reflect the availability of potential employees in the labor market (where we draw our employees). UCHC has identified 44 job groups. All of these job groups have affirmative action workforce goals.

6 6 Workforce goals are set for all race/gender categories: –White male –White female –Black male –Black female –Hispanic male –Hispanic female –Other male –Other female Workforce goals for each race/gender category are calculated in the following manner: –Weights are assigned to the following raw statistics according to where our current employee populations came from: externally or internally

7 7 - Raw statistics »Unemployment statistics »Employment census statistics »Promotable/transferable internal movements - Each weighted factor (raw statistic x % frequency) is added to arrive at one factor per job group. This is called the availability factor. The availability factor is compared to the actual job group employee base representation by race/gender category to determine if under representation exists. If the race/sex category is under-represented in the job group then a goal is set according to the extent of under- representation.

8 8 Job Group Workforce Goals – under representation University DirectorBM, HM, HF Manager III BM, BF, HM, HF, OF Professor WF, BM, HM, HF, OF Assistant ProfessorWF, BF, HM, HF Research Assistant 1&2 WM, BM, BF, HM, HF Clinical Social Worker WF, BM, HM, HF Clinical Offices Asst. WM, BM, HM Dental Assistants WM, WF, OM, OF Technologist WM, WF, OM, OF Skilled Craft WF, OM Custodian WM, BM, HM, HF, OM, OF Protective Services BM, BF, OM

9 9 White 82% Asian/Native Amer 5% Hispanic 5% Black 8% Full-time Workforce 2003/2004 Affirmative Action Plan Year 2004/2005 Affirmative Action Plan Year Male 29% Female 71% Female 67% Male 33% White 81% Hispanic 5% Black 8% Asian/Native American 6%

10 10 UCHC must demonstrate and document that they have made a “good faith” effort to achieve workforce goals. The CHRO expects these efforts to mitigate failure to achieve goals. For last years 2004-2005 plan CHRO credited us with: –41% hiring goal achievement –58% promotional goal achievement. CHRO expects a significant increase in goal achievement. To date UCHC has achieved approximately 20% hiring goal achievement. Hiring managers/directors and officers who make hiring decisions are responsible for goal achievement.

11 11 OWNERSHIP -Affirmative action is a best practice to which the UCHC community is dedicated. -Goal achievement is a performance expectation for yourself and others. -Managers will be evaluated on their actions in support of creating a diverse workplace. -Recruiting, outreach, pipeline relationships are needed. You can help!

12 12 LEADERSHIP –Lead “good faith efforts” in seeking goal candidates Communicate your expectations by your example –Know the specific hiring goal for each position you seek to fill –Use networking to help identify goal candidates –Commit to interviewing qualified goal candidates SUPPORT –Document and communicate your efforts for inclusion in the AA Plan

13 13 Streamlined employment process for better applicant tracking data. Mandatory Diversity Training was completed and is currently on- going. Delinquent employees will be scheduled and notified of final chance for training. All faculty positions are now posted on our web site. Advertising was expanded to increase goal candidates in the applicant pool Major Accomplishments for last years 2004-2005 plan

14 14 Current Year 2005-2006 AAP Priorities Analysis of Affirmative Action Plan statistical reports highlights following areas for improvement: Job groups with no goal achievement progress to date: Managers 1 & 11 University Director Managers 111 Head of Department Professor Associate Professor Clinical Nursing Group Other Nurses

15 15 Job groups with no goal achievement progress to date continued: –Nurse Practitioner –Research Associate –Research Assistant 3 –Medical Technologist –Administrative Program Coordinator –Office Assistant –Other Secretarial/Clerical, Hartford –Administrative Program Assistant 2 –Clinic Office Assistant –Clinical & Paraprofessional, Hartford –Paraprofessional/Computer & Media –Skilled Craft Workers –Protective Services Current Year 2005-2006 AAP Priorities

16 16 Based upon discussions with the Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities the following priorities have been set: Recruitment –Develop partnerships with community and professional organizations and institutions of higher education –Expand targeted advertising Monitoring Reports –Identify non-quantifiable employment processes that may act as barriers to goal achievement –Perform quarterly monitoring assessments of progress towards hiring and promotion goals Current Year 2005-2006 AAP Priorities

17 17 Upward Mobility –Establishing formal training programs to provide career and promotional opportunities for employees. –Identifying entry level positions and the necessary training for increased promotional opportunity. Contract Compliance –CHRO/UCHC Memorandum of Understanding to clarify roles and responsibilities –Increase goal achievement of Small Business Enterprise and Minority Business Enterprise Current Year 2005-2006 AAP Priorities Continued

18 18 Contract Compliance Connecticut General Statutes, Section 4a-60g requires CT state agencies to set-aside, after exemptions: To set- aside 25% of their budgets for construction, housing rehabilitation, and purchasing supplies and services to be awarded to certified small business (SBE). With 6.25% of this set-aside to be awarded to certified minority business enterprises (MBE).

19 19 Small Business Enterprise (SBE) and Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) Goals –28% of our set-aside goal for SBE was met –52% of the set-aside goal for MBE was met Goal achievement needs to be significantly increased Contract Compliance Continued

20 20 To view the UCHC Affirmative Action Plan please go to: –UCHC website - http://www.uchc.edu –Administrative Services –Human Resources –Office of Diversity and Equity –Affirmative Action Plan Or log directly onto

21 21 Affirmative action is one activity that brings a rich and exciting mix of persons from all walks of life, backgrounds, perspectives as well as differences in race, gender, age, religion, sexual orientation, national origin, ancestry, marital status and abilities into our workplace Organizations that embrace “diversity” go beyond just bringing differences into the workplace, they recognize that respecting and valuing such differences is critical to accomplishing their missions and purposes. UCHC is committed to creating a multicultural environment where the full potential of each and every employee is realized as demonstrated by these activities: Leadership Team for Diversity Collaborative Center for Clinical Care Culture of Safety Diversity Advisory Council Beyond Affirmative Action... Diversity

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