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Greetings &Welcome Greetings &Welcome to Elementary Visual Art.

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2 Greetings &Welcome Greetings &Welcome to Elementary Visual Art

3 ELEMENTARY ART Elements & Principles of Design—the basic “ingredients” of visual art; the language of art Art Production—Materials, techniques & skills Aesthetics/Art in a cultural setting The entire Elementary Art program is based on three broad, overlapping areas:

4 Elements & Principles of Design Elements & Principles of Design: the basic “ingredients” and language of Visual Art Line, Shape, Value, Color, Texture, Contrast, Balance, Pattern, Unity

5 Art activities are age appropriate Kindergarten & Grade 1 Artwork

6 Grade 1 learns about borders and backgrounds

7 Grade 4 learns about composition, balance, and the element of value.

8 Grade 5 learns about color schemes, composition and genres of art.

9 Art Production/Materials & Techniques Students learn how to effectively use various materials to create original artwork.

10 Grade 5 weaving effectively combines the elements of Line, Color, and Texture

11 Grade 2 used paper sculpture techniques and their knowledge of rainforest animals from a unit in science in order to produce effective and detailed animal masks.

12 Grade 4 learns about printmaking and the use of opposite colors. Grade 1 uses paint and collage technique in this “Under the Sea” composition.

13 Kindergarten & Grade 1 paint self-portraits.

14 Grade 3 uses collage to learn about distance in a picture. Grade 4 learns a charcoal technique to help them learn about drawing solid forms.

15 Aesthetics/Visual Art in a cultural setting Students look at artwork from various artists and cultures and use what they see as inspiration for their own work.

16 They might look at the work of Vincent Van Gogh...

17 ..or Australian Aboriginal people..

18 ...or work from observation Drawings by Grade 4

19 ...or memory. International Flag Ceremony, Grade 2

20 ..or from a combination of knowledge, memory and imagination. Grade 2 watercolor

21 There are some basic rules and routines in the art room: Wear protective clothing Be attentive to instruction Try your best Use the materials as they are intended to be used Be very careful with scissors Ask the teacher questions if you do not understand Respect other people’s artwork—look but do not touch!

22 It: * holds all of his artwork, * shows his progress over time, * is used for assessment and * provides work for exhibitions in school. Your child’s portfolio looks something like this. It will be sent home during the year for you to look at and at the end of the year it will be sent home permanently.

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