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Year 9 Pathways and Options for KS4 Red Pathway Mr Darren Luckhurst Deputy Headteacher – KS4.

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1 Year 9 Pathways and Options for KS4 Red Pathway Mr Darren Luckhurst Deputy Headteacher – KS4

2 What are Pathways? There are 6 different Pathways Pathways offer students different ways of achieving maximum success in KS4 Some Pathways offer different subjects and others offer different kinds of support Placing students on their Pathway helps guide them to taking a range of subjects they will be successful in and ensures they have the support and challenge required for exam success

3 Which Pathway and why? We have used a range of data to decide which Pathway will give each student most success: - Key Stage 2 SATs results -Current levels in the CORE subjects -Progress made over KS3 -Progress made through Year 9

4 How will the Red Pathway support your child? Ensures students study a minimum of 8 GCSEs, with the opportunity for 9 or 10 Options include more challenging courses such as Triple Science (bio, chem, physics), Economics and Computer Science Subjects teachers know they should be pushing Red Pathways students to achieve A*/B grades at GCSE. Students are encouraged to take the Ebacc subjects to support University applications

5 ‘The English Baccalaureate’ There are different ways of measuring student success in exams. The Government is now looking at how many C+ grades students achieve and how much progress they make from KS2. ‘Ebacc’ is another measure of exam success. It requires a C+ pass in English, Maths, Double Science, Humanities (geography or history) and MFL (Spanish). There is no certificate. Some Universities may require the ‘EBacc in future. Students in Red pathway should think seriously about the ‘Ebacc’. However students must achieve a C+ grade in all subjects for it to count.

6 Keeping doors open

7 Google ‘Russell Group Informed Choices’ Russell Group Universities


9 GCSE choices may effect university choices

10 English and maths are very important

11 B grades and higher are important

12 Consider choosing a language


14 Some universities have specific requirements e.g.

15 All students study the Core subjects English and English Literature9 periods Mathematics 9 periods Science (double)10 periods PE4 periods PSHEE and RS - during tutor time and PSHEE days

16 Core Subjects in Red Pathway English and English Literature GCSE GCSE double Science Option to study Triple Science GCSE maths and possibly statistics on advice from maths teachers Potential 9/10 GCSE’s

17 Red Pathway Options Each student will select 4 options subjects Each student will study 3 of these Each Option will have 6 X1 hour lessons over the fortnight Most students will complete their courses at the end of Y11 when they will take examinations in May or June You CAN take subjects in KS4 that you have not studied in Year 9

18 Making the right choices We offer comprehensive information, advice and guidance to support students in making the right choices. But their, and your participation, is key to this process. -Options subject based assemblies -Pathways booklet -Options Evening -Tutor Activities -Kudos/Careers IT session -Individual interviews on request

19 Completing the Options Form 1.Get the right advice and information. Read the Options Booklet and talk to subject teachers, students and tutors. Don’t rush! 2.Use the internet - future careers, college courses, University courses 3.Decide on your top four Option choices thinking about future careers 4.Place a 1 in the box next to your top choice and 2,3,4 in the next choices 5.Hand it to your tutor on time

20 The Options Form You will study 3 option choices in KS4. You must select at least ONE subject from the Option Choice A list, but you can select more. Rank your top 4 choices from the following by placing the numbers 1 to 4 in the corresponding boxes. (1 = first choice) Option Choice A Computer Science (EBacc) History (EBacc) Geography (EBacc) Spanish (EBacc) Triple Science (EBacc) Other Options Economics and Business Studies Citizenship Sociology Religious Studies Media Studies Art PE GCSE Drama Music Food Technology Product Design ICT You must select at least 1 of these subjects

21 Do not hand in your Options form before 17 th March! Completed forms must be handed in to your tutor (no one else) by Friday March 21 st

22 GCSE and BTEC Courses We offer two key types of qualification at Haverstock - GCSEs are mainly theoretical with end of KS4 examinations -BTECs have a more practical focus, with portfolios of work produced over 2 years, and minimal exams. They are equivalent to 1 GCSE Both are accepted by colleges and employers

23 Thank you for listening

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