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CIS 321—IS Analysis & Design Chapter 1: The World of the Modern Systems Analyst.

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1 CIS 321—IS Analysis & Design Chapter 1: The World of the Modern Systems Analyst

2 2 What is IS Analysis and Design? Information systems (IS) are a key ingredient for successful organizations. The key to successful IS is thorough analysis and design. Systems analysis is specifying ______ the IS will do. Systems design is specifying ______ the IS will do what the analysis specifies.

3 3 IS Problem Solving—1 Understand the __________ goals, objectives, players, business processes Define ____________ for the solution inputs, processes, outputs Perform __________ analysis economic feasibility technological feasibility Develop ___________ solutions hardware, software, people, culture

4 4 IS Problem Solving—2 Recommend one ____________ consult with users and stakeholders _________ the solution in detail databases, user interfaces, networks, procedures, conversion strategy, programs ___________ the solution hardware, software, coding, testing, deployment Monitor and _________ the solution check with users and stakeholders recommend and make necessary improvements

5 5 Information Systems A system: collection of interrelated ___________ that function together to achieve an outcome. An information system: a system designed to economically provide useful information. A ___________ is a part or component of a system. A system may be a component of a ____________. Functional ______________ is dividing a system into its components. A system has a boundary or ________. A system has an ____________ boundary.

6 6 A Computer-Based IS (CBIS) Hardware computers, peripherals, networks, servers Software OS, application, packaged, custom, web-based Inputs manual, automated, real-time, batched Outputs real-time, detailed, summarized, hardcopy, softcopy Data flat file, database People users, managers, technicians, programmers Procedures documentation, training, hiring

7 7 Types of Information Systems Transaction processing system (TPS) capture and record information about business transactions, on-line TPS (OLTP) Management IS (MIS) uses a TPA to produce reports for planning and controlling Executive IS (EIS) provide executives with information for strategic planning comes from TPS, MIS, and external sources Decision support system (DSS) designed to facilitate decision making, “what if” analysis Communication support, office support systems

8 8 Technical Knowledge & Skills Computers Peripherals Networks Databases Programming languages Operating systems Tools packages (MS Access, Oracle Developer, etc.) integrated development environments (IDE’s)—e.g.,.NET computer-aided system engineering (CASE) Techniques (project mgmt, systems A&D, coding)

9 9 Business Knowledge & Skills Business functions Finance Manufacturing Marketing Management Business types Manufacturing Retail Finance Health Insurance

10 10 People Knowledge and Skills Company ___________ people, values, teamwork, etc. Managers’ and users’ skill sets Reaction to change Ways of communicating Relationships (politics) Ethics keep sensitive information confidential for your own company for your client’s company

11 11 Environment of the Analyst Technological environment Desktop systems Networks Client-server Mainframe Internet, intranet, extranet technology Job titles programmer analyst systems designer software engineer consultant, …

12 12 The Analyst & Strategic Planning Developing EIS’s (___________ IS) Consulting with senior managers on IS strategy plan part of the firm’s overall strategic plan application architecture plan technology architecture plan Business process ______________ (BPR) project radical improvement, not continuous improvement ___________ resource planning (ERP) integrated set of software packages for key IS SAP, PeopleSoft complex, expensive Working with consultants

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