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Values-Based Evaluation

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1 Values-Based Evaluation
What, How, Why presented by Barbara Kahan & Debbie Bang at Best Practice for Better Health 6th IUPHE European Conference on the Effectiveness and Quality on Health Promotion Stockholm, June 2005

2 Presentation Objectives
To introduce the Interactive Domain Model To understand ~> What is the role of values in evaluation How to evaluate consistency between values and practice Why there is a relationship between values-based evaluation and program effectiveness

3 Two meanings for values-based evaluation
using values to shape how we conduct our evaluations using evaluation to judge how well our values are integrated into practice

4 The basis for our approach to values-based evaluation
the Interactive Domain Model (IDM), a comprehensive and systematic approach to best practices


6 Effectiveness in health promotion
Effective health promotion practice occurs when there is consistency between our processes and activities and health promotion: values, goals and ethics theories and beliefs evidence understanding of the environment

7 List values which reflect health promotion philosophy.


9 Initiating Values-Based Evaluation
In own setting review ~> Mission / values statements for organization Goals for the program to be evaluated Strategic direction documents for organization Impact on community/population

10 How values shape evaluation
the next slide shows how two different sets of values result in two different evaluation approaches


12 How to use evaluation to judge consistency between values & practice
develop a values logic model identify guidelines for implementing values into practice identify and define values develop objectives for integrating values into each of the three practice areas develop indicators which will show whether objectives are being met



15 Values & effective practice
effective practice involves more than meeting program outcomes effective practice includes the translation of values into concrete reality evaluation of effective practice requires looking at consistency between practice and: values, theories, evidence, understanding of the environment


17 Resources See <www.idmbestpractices> for:
IDM (Interactive Domain Model) Resources Monthly Features Annotated General Resources


19 Contact Information Barbara Kahan Centre for Health Promotion (University of Toronto) Debbie Bang St. Joseph’s Healthcare, Hamilton

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